Essay on Theta Traps and Implanting


We have said that agents of the Global Enslavers are in control of the Church and these have the evil purpose of preventing anyone becoming a Free Being.

We have also said that Ron left the Church no Upper Bridge.

Thus the Bridge within the Church is a DEAD END road.

So, those who continue straight ahead in the Church won’t make it.

We have also said that the Upper Bridge exists outside the Church, at Rons Org.

Therefore, we advise Scientologists to take the CURVE IN THE ROAD.

However, it needs to be understood that the CURVE is also bobby-trapped by agents of the Global Enslavers. Various vultures will descend upon those Scientologists who leave the Church and they are also agents of the Global Enslavers who work outside of the Church in the "freezone."

The freezone is the practice of Scientology outside of the formal Church. It offers Scientology services as an alternative to taking them inside the Church. Freezone originally meant Ron’s Org – but now people use the word to mean any practitioner in the independent field outside of the Church.

The majority of these practitioners in the freezone do not practice standard LRH tech exclusively because they combine their own ideas into it.

The various vultures in the so-called "freezone" - like the top management in the Church - are themselves agents of the Global Enslavers and they have the same evil purpose of preventing anyone becoming a FREE BEING. They will try all manner of tricks to get you to LOSE SIGHT of your PURPOSE to become a FREE BEING.

The price of freedom applies – constant alertness and willingness to fight back.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that this is a prison planet and we have a jailor who is plotting to make slaves of all humanity with mind control technology.

Now what was it that Scientology was supposed to do? Make happy little prisoners out of us, so we can more fully enjoy being a prisoner in our jail? Uhhhh, no.

Who would oppose us getting out of jail - our jailors?

Let's try this theory on for size....

Sooner or later all Scientologists end up at Flag. So we make that Theta Trap/ Implant Station NUMBER 1. Nobody gets out of jail here.

Now some enlightened individuals realize it’s a Theta Trap/Implant Station and leave.


The ESCAPEES fall into two categories:

1. ARC broke with the whole subject = NO PROBLEM.
2. ARC broke with Theta Trap # 1, but not the SUBJECT = PROBLEM.

ESCAPEE number 2 above, still has hope of getting out of jail. Enters freezone.


Product of Theta Trap Number 2 in freezone =

Improve prisoner’s life so that he is happier about conditions in jail - but he is totally turned off to the SUBJECT of Scientology and he has forgotten his original GOAL to no longer be a prisoner.

Whether Theta Trap Number 2 is being done by knowing agents of the jailor or by Dupe agents of the jailor, makes little difference, as long as the result is the same:




Psychotronics is being leveled at Scientologists in and out of the church. This is not just a method of mind control but constitutes secret implanting by electronic microwave means. It also constitutes a reason for unexplained illnesses such as the high rate of cancer in people on OT 7. See the time track entry at 21 July 1994 for details.

This type of implanting is also unique because you don’t have to go to the implant station to get it – it’s DELIVERED to you – right at your home. Their business motto could be –

WE DELIVER IMPLANTING TO YOUR HOME and no tip required when we do!

The Church is also working on a machine to "enhance perceptions" for use in the new Super Power building. Wonder what covert device will be in that machine? Sure, while getting "perceptions enhanced" one is at the same time getting implanted by microwave action from a psychotronics machine. You’ve got to be nuts to trust these Enslaver types.

Also, Black NOTs is being practiced on Scientologists who are inside and outside of the Church, by Enslaver agents, who are in effect practicing Psychic Warfare. One of the Black NOTs techniques is designed to Re-cycle NOTs case on you and another one is to get you to make and retain giant clusters of NOTs case.

The more I learn about the so-called "freezone" – the more I find it to be the –


Psychiatry is a Front Group for the Global Enslavers. It has the purpose of degrading beings with drug dependency. It also has the purpose of assisting to create a One World government by eliminating borders. This is an undeniable fact because they state this in the minutes of their yearly International meetings, which I have personally read.

Psychiatrists are to pronounce as insane, anyone who opposes a One World government.

Thus, psychiatric treatment and facilities serve as political treatment, not actual help.

They are a way to eliminate political opponents to a One World government by pronouncing them insane and then using brutal psychiatric treatments such as electric shock therapy and brain operations which reduce the person to a slobbering vegetable who is now incapable of opposing them. At least Hitler was overt about it – he was not PRETENDING to help people.

Since 1950 psychiatrists have been fulfilling the above purpose by pronouncing Hubbard and Scientologists as being insane and recommending psychiatric political treatment to eliminate them – under the guise of helping them.

Now listen up folks -

This SAME Global Enslaver technique is being used in the so-called freezone today.


They are 1.1 – offering destruction under the guise of "help."

These people have nothing good to say about LRH or the technology or you. If you see any good to those things – they pronounce you mentally ill and in need of THEIR treatment! The psych propaganda line is that anyone who is a Scientologist is insane!

Yet, the fact remains, these people were not about to discover any valid mental or spiritual wisdom on their own. Any workablity in what they are doing derives from the basics of Scientology, such as the Axioms. So, they plagiarize workable mental and spiritual technology from basic Scientology, including Upper Bridge data from Ron’s Org, put a little twist on it – then act like they thought up the whole subject on their own, and give LRH and Scientology NO CREDIT! On the contrary, they talk about how horrible Ron and Scientology tech are and how wonderful they are for inventing it!

These people with swollen heads would not have a pot to pee in were it not for Ron introducing basic Dianetic and Scientology tech. Yet, they have nothing good to say about either one and carry on a continual black propaganda campaign of invalidating Ron and standard Scientology tech, instead of acknowledging them.

They also carry on a propaganda campaign to nay-say any conspiracies. In doing this they act as professional Enslaver agents who have the job of de-bunking conspiracy "theories". Conspiracies exist, they are a fact, and the only people who de-bunk them are the agents of those people who have a conspiracy to hide.

They also act as professional Enslaver de-bunkers of data about aliens and especially the existence of the Marcabians and their plans to enslave us all.

Specific Psychic Warfare attacks against Scientologists -

The time track entry at 21 July 1994 is significant. The article by Judy Wall exposes the US Military use of aerial mind-control broadcasts against civilian populations as well as enemy troops. Some of these actions against civilians are done with the intent of influencing public opinion and the outcome of elections. These are called Psychological Operations (PsyOps).

The 1998 video, Exotic Weapons of Mass Control shows how PsyOps was used in Haiti for what was called Operation Uphold Democracy. As the general populace was violently opposed to Aristide and most in favor of his ouster, it took nearly a year of this clandestine counter-programming to get them to change their minds.

Judy Wall’s article asks this question - If they have used mind-control broadcasts against foreign civilian populations to influence elections, will they use them against American citizens -- or have they already?

The answer to that question is yes, as shown by other time track entries, and as we will explain further here. On July 21, 1994, the US Department of Defense proposed that non-lethal weapons be used not only against declared enemies, but against anyone engaged in activities that the DOD opposed. That could include almost anybody and anything. Note that the mind-control technology is classified under non-lethal weapons.

Calling these non-lethal weapons is a misnomer because these machines can not only cause serious illnesses, they can kill, and they have been used to kill political opponents.

Notice that General Jumper predicts that mind control technology will be used against potential enemies. The military and government agencies may apply this term to any group or individual they perceive as a threat to their own interests. With that in mind, we should recall the US Intelligence Community motive to prevent anyone going OT for national security reasons. This makes Scientology OTs a target for PsyOps.

Now – here is what is happening:

A general PsyOp message is being broadcast on a daily basis with this message – anyone who is a Scientologist is mentally ill. Scientology tech does not work, and anyone who practices it is insane and needs mental treatment. The SAME message being used by psychiatrists since 1950 is now covertly delivered daily by psychotronic machines!

Here is a new revelation about this. They back up the PsyOps broadcasts with their black propaganda agents in society who RE-INFORCE the PsyOps message by SAYING THE SAME THING.

An example of this is some of the critics on ARS. They advocate psychiatry and say things such as - all Scientologists are mentally ill and need to have electric shock therapy. These agents have two functions –

1. To help RE-INFORCE the covert PsyOps message by stating it overtly in society and
   trying to get others to agree to it so as to make it an agreed upon reality.

2. To serve as feedback on how well the PsyOps are working on the target group.

So, their technique is to COMBINE the covert mind-control broadcasts with overt public statements of the same message by their black propaganda agents placed in society.

The intended end result of this particular mind-control operation is to have everyone agree that a Scientologist is mentally ill and needs psychiatric treatment to "cure him."

The target for this mind control operation is everyone in society. They want everyone to think this way about Scientologists.

Now, critics on ARS are not the only agents pushing this black propaganda campaign that anyone who practices Scientology is mentally ill and in need of treatment. There are those people in the "freezone" who say the same thing! The only difference being that they offer a more subtle method of treatment for your "mental illness" – they do not recommend psychiatric treatment – they offer THEIR mental treatment program.

This idea that Scientologists are mentally ill is being pushed hard. It is a combined covert and overt black intelligence MIND CONTROL operation against Scientologists and the subject of Scientology.

So, if you have been having this thought – realize you are receiving covert mind control transmissions that are then re-inforced by agents in society saying the same message.

Now, that is a general PsyOps programme, meaning the target group is everyone. But, there are also those designed for INDIVIDUAL Scientologists. Recently one critic on ARS asked for OSA to give him what they had on a particular Scientologist so he could use it against the person. It looks like they did it – because shortly after that the critic is mouthing data about the person that could have ONLY come from their reverse auditing sessions at Flag!

The black propaganda attack on this particular Scientologist is designed to promote the idea that they are crazy. The person is not only crazy because they are a Scientologist, they are also personally crazy and in need of THEIR mental treatment, either electric shock by psychiatrists or from various "freezone" practitioners.

This is backed up by psychotronics or PsyOps attacks that are delivering the SAME message into people’s minds covertly. Every one of the targeted Scientologist’s friends received these covert transmissions that their friend is insane. The Scientologist’s husband noticed these particular transmissions were of unusually high density. He could actually feel the wave hitting his body. This may indicate the placement of a mobile psychotronics unit near their home, which would explain the intense signal strength.

If you are having these thoughts, then recognize you are receiving the daily covert mind control transmissions of the Global Enslavers, using psychotronics to get you to drop the idea of using Scientology tech to become a free being. This is re-inforced by overt agents in society making the same statements.

In the US this combined Psychic Warfare and Black Propaganda attack has been successful on almost everyone until now. In the US, they also took out the Pilot with direct, physical, one-on-one implanting, using the technique called PDH.

The majority of Scientologists in the "freezone" in Europe have also been successfully handled by this combined Psychic Warfare and Black Propaganda campaign. Some in Europe have persisted on with standard Scientology tech despite it, but not in the US.

People only attack things that they consider are a valid threat. There is no need for a hard push against things that are actually discreditable because they fall apart on their own. The existence of a hard push to discredit something – proves its credibility.

The US Intelligence community KNOWS that Scientology works. It became convinced of this with the experiments at SRI using Scientology OTs to develop Psychic Warfare capabilities. Therefore they know of its validity and thus they consider it a valid threat that they need to do something about. Thus the heavy push to discredit it.

SANITY and the IDEAL SCENE in the Freezone

Associated terminals who are UNITED under the common PURPOSE of making FREE SPIRITUAL BEINGS would constitute the Ideal Scene for the Freezone.

Freezone practitioners who have that purpose in common but who currently fight with each other is insanity. See the Problems of Work chapter that talks about this phenomena - people on the same team having a game with each other instead of having a game with the actual opponent – the other team.

Those freezone practitioners who really have a good purpose of creating FREE BEINGS need to stop fighting with us because our purpose is to make Free Spiritual Beings. If that is your purpose then we are on the same team.

If someone in the Freezone actually developed some workable techniques – that can be communicated WITHOUT bad mouthing Ron and the workable technology of the subject of Scientology. Saying that Ron is just a bad guy who only developed unworkable evil technology is a big fat LIE. Black PR positioning anyone who wants to do straight Scientology as being "mentally ill" is also a vicious LIE.

What is needed to end this down-tone bank game is recognition of the common purpose and start working together to accomplish it. GRANTING of BEINGNESS needs to take place and a method of sharing workable techniques towards the common goal of making the End Product of FREE SPIRITUAL BEINGS needs to happen.

The two teams are – Enslavers vs Beings Who Seek Freedom.

Like it or not, that is a game being played on this planet at this time. The stakes are high and the winner takes all. If the Enslavers win, all humanity will be reduced to a mind-controlled robot and you and yours can kiss all human and spiritual freedom good-bye.

NOT-ISNESS of what the Global Enslavers are up to and how – simply will not do.

The Planetary and Interplanetary SITUATION needs to be CONFRONTED and handled by every human being on Earth, not just people in the Freezone. It is evil in the extreme to practice NOT-ISNESS towards the Global Enslavers because that is EXACTLY how they will win in their campaign to enslave us all.

The Global Enslavers and what they plan to do – EXISTS. It is real and it is happening. It is not a fairy tale or my imagination. It is a documented fact, not an opinion or a belief or a theory.

Getting people to practice NOT-ISNESS towards all of this is a betrayal of them and every being on this planet. NOT-ISING it will not make it go away. And if they lie to themselves and falsely PRETEND that they are not part of it – that will not prevent it from happening to them. They and their loved ones ARE on planet Earth and therefore it DOES have to do with them. The Global Enslavers will not exclude them from this game.

It’s time for all responsible beings to confront the fact of the Global Enslaver plan to enslave us all. Or, get in line early for the electronic mind control device to be implanted into the body of you and yours - because the line for such at the inception of the One World government is going to be a LONG line.

And, all apparent human and spiritual gains - will be wiped out at that point.

In fact, they are not waiting for the inception of the One World government to implant the electronic mind control device into human bodies. They are already doing it with the people in Russia and have plans to use it in the US, starting with criminals.

The Thought Police are gaining ground and a far worse scenario than the one depicted in the Book 1984 is right around the corner. Electronic mind control for all, extermination of "inferior" races and more implanting will be the order of the day.

The train is heading on down the track right at us – and it isn’t the train of freedom.


Divide and conquer is an intelligence technique being used on the freezone. It is good intelligence tactics to get two or more of your enemies fighting each other. The Global Enslaver agents know and use this technique too.

The Planetary and Interplanetary SITUATION is too dire for these petty arguments.

So what if different freezone practitioners have different methods of getting there? That does not excuse in-fighting for people who have a common purpose of making FREE BEINGS. There should be no in-fighting. GRANT BEINGNESS to each other and let each practitioner practice the way he wants to practice without attacking him for it. That includes those people who want to use standard Scientology tech to get there.

The Freezone could be and should be a powerful UNITED force for making FREE SPIRITUAL BEINGS. Who is promoting this obsessive individuation and why?

The answer is - who BENEFITS from it? The answer is obvious.

Its time to IDENTIFY - WHO is on WHAT Team?

Mike and Virginia are on the Team of the Beings Who Seek Freedom.

What Team are you on?


Theta Traps are TRICKY. They LOOK or FEEL nice, in the beginning. They have to or no thetan would enter one. But what is the end product? That's what you want to look at.

Theta Traps are simply BAIT with a HIDDEN HOOK in it.

The BAIT is – spiritual advancement for sale.

The HIDDEN HOOK is – the product of a FREE SPIRITUAL BEING is missing.

The Global Enslaver agents are perfectly happy to allow some spiritual advancment at this time. It is a DELAYING action on their part, because they know that soon they will utilize super-advanced mind control technology to enslave one and all and at that point any apparent human and spiritual gains will be wiped out.

It is evil to get a man to live in the temporary bliss of ignorance of what the Global Enslavers are doing. The kind thing to do is get him to confront it and do something about it before it is too late.

The subject of Scientology is a sea of data. It is not a monotone of importance. The price of freedom is one of the most important datums BECAUSE WITHOUT IT, YOU ARE NOT GETTING OUT OF JAIL.

We have a jailor. He OPPOSES anyone being an escapee. He is NOT STUPID. He is very slick and tricky and most Scientologists are underestimating their jailor. Thus he beats them every time.

The price of freedom is NOT AN OPTION. You don't pay it, you don't get out of jail.
And all prisoners on this planet who desire freedom, Scientologist or otherwise, need to take a smart pill and start correctly estimating their opponent, our jailor.

You need to stay alert to two things:

1. Keep your eye on the product of becoming a FREE Being at all times.
2. Recognize when you are in a Theta Trap even when it looks pretty or feels good.

The way you recognize an implant station or theta trap is by the product. The desired product of becoming a FREE BEING is missing. And the operators also go to great lengths to DISTRACT you from the product of getting out of jail.

I ask this question of the church - WHERE IS THE PRODUCT?

I ask the same question of any entity in the freezone - SHOW ME THE PRODUCT.

And don't forget that the jailor also has DUPES working for him. Meaning, agents who DO NOT REALIZE they are being his agents. They mean well, but somehow forgot that the purpose and product here is to make you FREE.

Remember that Scientology purpose and product is a FREE BEING.

It is not for better homes and gardens to make happier prisoners in jail.

You do not have to put a lid on a bucket of crabs because no crabs will escape. The reason for that fact is – if any crab starts to climb out – the others reach up and pull him back down to where they are.

When you take the CURVE in the road by leaving the Church to complete your bridge in the freezone – do it with your eyes wide open. Never lose sight of the purpose and product of becoming a FREE BEING.

And when the various vultures descend on you and try to make you LOSE SIGHT of your purpose to become a FREE BEING – remember the bucket of crabs and recognize they are agents of the Global Enslavers trying to keep you from becoming FREE.

And, if you do not heed the above advice and fall prey to one of the Theta Traps in the "freezone" for awhile – remember this when you are crawling back out of it –

We’ll still be here with the correct purpose to help you become - a FREE BEING.