It may take you a few days to read this website. That's ok because it took us almost five years to make it for you. The understanding you will gain is worth your time invested.

The purpose of this website is to audit out a third and fourth dynamic engram.

The fourth dynamic engram is common to all of mankind, residing on planet Earth.

There are those men who have the evil purpose of enslaving mankind. We have given them the name - Global Enslavers. These men have been the cause of almost all of mankind's woes - including wars, diseases and economic hardship. They are the secret government of Earth and they are the source of Nazi mentality.

Nazi Germany was but an overt example of their mentality. After Hitler's defeat they continued their Nazi program covertly and underground. Psychiatry is one of their Front Groups. Certain elements of the CIA also act as their agents and this is why the CIA engaged in mind-control experiments - to forward their cause of enslaving mankind.

The Global Enslavers are working to create a One World Government. The plan is to have one central government, army, and bank for all of Earth. There will be no money or credit cards, everyone will have credits on the central computer of the World Bank. This will act as an economic method of control because if you get out of line they can erase all your credits - leaving you with no means to support yourself and your family.

In addition, everyone will have an electronic device implanted in their body. This electronic device is a mind-control device and the implanting of it into human beings has already begun. With the implanting of this device, you and yours can kiss all human and spiritual freedoms good-bye.

All of the above is happening and it is real. It is not a fairy tale or our imagination. It is a documented fact - not an opinion or a belief or a theory. You will learn about all the above in much greater detail at this website.

Every Scientologist knows about the attacks on the Church that have gone on in the past and continue to this day. In modern times, several countries in Europe are currently working towards outlawing the practice of Scientology altogether, as we speak.

These attacks are due to the fact that the purpose and product of Scientology is a Free Spiritual Being. This flies in the teeth of the Global Enslaver plan to enslave all of humanity. Thus the Global Enslavers attack Scientology because it opposes their evil purpose of enslaving mankind. This is the source and cause of the third dynamic engram you will run out at this website.

The efforts of the Global Enslavers to stop Scientology have caused a third dynamic engram. Their efforts to stop Scientology have not been limited to external attacks on the Church. They have also infiltrated the Church with their agents and these agents have caused untold amounts of internal troubles for the Church and all Scientologists. This is not just true of the past - it is still going on today. This is the reason the Church has not produced any full OTs yet and a whole category of other ills, such as high prices.

By learning the details of this conflict between the Church and the Enslavers you will run out this third and fourth dynamic engram for the first time. You will finally understand who has been keeping this planet upset and how and why. You will finally understand all the troubles the Church has had and why it has not produced its product of Free Spiritual Beings.

The Enslavers are largely in control of planet Earth and they are not going to just sit and watch the Church of Scientology make free spiritual beings without doing something to stop it. And, they have stopped it - which is what led us to do an Evaluation.

We have been working on an Evaluation of this Scene for almost 5 years now. And, a major breakthrough has been discovered that will put an end to all meaningful trouble.

This Evaluation resolves all of the following and more:

  • The Global Enslaver agents inside the Church are identified.

  • The SOURCE of International attacks is identified.

  • How to bring an end to the Black PR attacks of the Anti-Cult Movement.

  • How to bring an end to all of the Legal attacks that have raged for decades.

  • How to bring an end to high prices for services.

  • Why people have been on OT 7 for over 25 years and no completions yet.

  • Why OT 9 and 10 have not been released and how to get them released.

  • Why the Church has not produced any stable Theta Clears or full OTs.

  • Who has counter-intention to the Church's product of FREE BEINGS and why.

Our Evaluation identifies the SITUATION and the WHY.

The HANDLING - based on Axiom 11 - will usher in a new era for Scientologists.

A new day is about to dawn for Scientology with no stops on making full OTs.