Estimate of the Situation - Free Zone

Intelligence is supposed to predict and handle attacks from an enemy before they happen. Intelligence has failed if any unpredicted attack happens or if any attack happens at all.
Intelligence is supposed to handle an enemy all by itself, without need of overt fighting.
Intelligence can do this and often does.

There are several different kinds of agents. A spy is for collecting secret information, to be used to estimate enemy strength and for predicting when and where he plans to attack. Ideally, intelligence predicts the attack then acts to prevent the attack from taking place.

It is always an intelligence target to take over control of an enemy group. That is the best method of preventing attacks, if you can infiltrate your agents into the enemy group and take over the leadership of that group. Throughout history, many countries have been defeated by this method, thus removing the need to use overt fighting to beat an enemy.

Not all agents are spies. There is the agent provocateur. This type of agent infiltrates the enemy group, not with the purpose of collecting secret information, but with the purpose of causing destruction to that group.

An agent provocateur causes destruction in many ways. He can destroy files and other valuable property. He will often encourage people in the group to commit crimes, and a thousand other ways to cause the target group destruction. One way to destroy the group is to mistreat other members of the group so that they get upset and leave. That costs the group its members and supporters, as was done by Miscavige with his political purging and false declares.

Another type of agent is the dupe. He is a well-intentioned member of the target group. But, intelligence agents who have infiltrated his group use him to assist them in their destruction of his group. The dupe is an unknowing agent, he believes he is helping his group when he is actually assisting agent provocateurs to destroy the group he belongs to. For example, an agent provocateur may get a dupe to assist him in destroying some files. The Church is full of dupes who assist the suppressive top management in its destruction of Scientology.

A Front Group is an intelligence tool for carrying out some activity that cannot be done overtly by its hidden originator. If the government wanted to get rid of certain religions, it cannot set up an overt government agency to do this because it is against the constitution. So, the solution is to set up anti-religion Front Groups in society, which appear to have no connection to the government. That way they can attack religions while appearing to be disassociated from the actions of the Front Group.

Front Groups are headed by a knowing agent of the intelligence agency it serves and they commonly use dupes to do the work. The dupes are unknowing agents who believe they serve some worthwhile cause but they are actually serving to fulfill a hidden and covert agenda of the intelligence agency.

There is a classic intelligence operation called Problem-Reaction-Solution. The technique is actually a combination of Public Relations technology and intelligence technology.

Public Relations is a subject for winning the hearts and minds of men. It accomplishes this by manipulating a man’s emotions.

The Problem-Reaction-Solution technique is a method of getting men to agree to things that they would normally never agree to, because it is not in their best interests. This is their favorite technique. It is sometimes called reality engineering. This is how it works:

Let’s say the Global Enslavers want to get rid of a certain religious group. They want to pass a law against it, but people will never agree to that since it’s against the constitution. So, they infiltrate their agents into the target group and these take over the leadership. These agents then act as agent provocateurs and encourage members of the target group to commit crimes. Thus agents of the Global Enslavers are creating the Problem.

Then, some other Global Enslaver agents set up a Front Group to make public protests about the crimes of the target group. They get the public emotionally upset about the crimes of the target group. Thus agents of the Global Enslavers are creating the Reaction.

Then, another agent of the Global Enslavers who is a Senator, proposes a law against the target group and the public now cheers this idea, whereas they wouldn’t have agreed to it before. Thus, agents of the Global Enslavers are creating the Solution.

Now, notice that agents of the Global Enslavers controlled both sides in this technique.
It was their agents who created the Problem and their agents who created the Reaction.

That is how they manipulate men into agreeing to things they wouldn’t normally agree to.
This is the technique used on the American public to get America into wars, for example.

And, this is the technique used by the Global Enslavers to deal with Scientology.

- - - - -

Who Attacks Scientology

Our earlier Estimates of the Situation tell us that Earth is a dumping ground and prison for unwanted Beings from cultures that exist on other planets. The unwanted Beings are first implanted to give them amnesia, then they are sentenced to Earth and dumped here.

A particular race that does this is the Marcabians. The Marcabians also claim to be the owners of Earth and consider men to be their livestock. Thus, human beings have the same problem as a cow. The cow does not realize it has an owner and it doesn’t know what its owner has in mind for it. It is also in a pen and is not allowed to leave the pen.

The Marcabians control their possession, Earth and all of its inhabitants, with a Front Group on Earth. This Front Group is about a dozen international banker families and it serves as the secret government of Earth. It accomplishes this by setting up other Front Groups to infiltrate and manipulate governments and infiltrate and manipulate affairs in the society at large. We have named this main Front Group the Head Global Enslavers.

The Marcabians and their main Front Group on Earth, the Head Global Enslavers, are a source of Nazi mentality. Nazi mentality is the same mentality as the owner of livestock. The owner of livestock will thin the herd from time to time. He does this by selecting out the superior livestock for breeding purposes and then he slaughters the inferior livestock.

Nazi doctrine says that the Aryan race is the superior race and non-Aryan races are the inferior races. Thus, the Aryan race is selected out for breeding purposes and the non-Aryan races are selected out for slaughter. Any member of the non-Aryan race that is allowed to live is first sterilized so they cannot procreate and then used for slave labor.

The real Nazis, the Head Global Enslavers, existed before and after WW II. Hitler and Nazi Germany was just a Front Group for the Head Global Enslavers. He overtly carried out their agenda to eliminate the non-Aryan races or sterilize them and use them for slave labor. After Hitler’s defeat, the Head Global Enslavers continued their Nazi agenda by setting up new Front Groups, such as the United Nations and the World Federation for Mental Health. Some German Nazis were given new identities and were then imported into the United States and other countries and were given jobs in the new Front Groups.

The Nazi Germany intelligence network and files were turned over to the United States government and this was the inception of the CIA. The first director of the CIA was the American Nazi, Allen Dulles. The Nazi CIA then used Nazi psychiatrists to continue the Nazi research into mind control technology - MK Ultra. (During WW II, the Nazi death camps were operated by psychiatrists. They were conducting mind control research into how to make a zombie who would perform slave labor.)

Part of the Nazi intelligence network is Interpol. Interpol is a private organization that established relations with police organizations throughout the world for the stated purpose of assisting them to catch international criminals. The Nazis took this over in WW II and some Interpol presidents after WW II were Nazis SS officers during WW II. Interpol was used as the pipeline or conduit for circulating false reports on Scientology to various governments in the world. The false reports originated from the US government, which housed an Interpol office in the US Treasury Department.

The Head Global Enslavers are working towards establishing a One-World government by the year 2015. They envision having complete political control of the planet by then and they will use mind-control technology to turn human beings into robots and slaves. They have developed a means to do this with a computer chip implanted in the body that monitors a person’s thoughts and also acts as a receiver to receive thoughts and impulses to control his ideas and actions.

Thus, the Head Global Enslaver plan is to enslave all human beings on planet Earth.
But, the subject of Scientology stands for and produces human and spiritual freedom.

Since 1950, the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology have been attacked by a Front Group of the Nazi Head Global Enslavers. The attacks originate from members of the World Federation for Mental Health, such as the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association - in other words, psychiatrists and psychologists. Part of their black propaganda campaign against the subject of Scientology is to say that Scientologists are mentally ill and need psychiatric treatment.

In the late 1960’s, the United States was in a Psychic Warfare arms race with Russia. A new weapon was being developed, Psychic Warfare. Psychic Warfare has two branches - psychic spying and psychic influencing.

The United States was behind in this race and to catch up the US intelligence community infiltrated some of their agents into AOLA to do the OT levels. These agents then met at Stanford Research Institute and they were given funding by the CIA to develop Psychic Warfare capabilities for the United States. One of these CIA agents was Pat Price and his connection in the Church who helped him develop his ability to do psychic spying and psychic influencing was Alan C. Walter.

These CIA agents at SRI who had done the Scientology OT levels were highly successful in conducting Psychic Warfare. They successfully conducted Psychic Spying and Psychic Influencing experiments. One of the experiments proved a Scientology OT could effect a magnetic field with his thought. This was a cause for alarm within the US intelligence community because the guidance system on a nuclear weapon is a magnetic field. And, they also feared that Scientology OTs could exteriorize and spy on government secrets.

So, the US intelligence community decided that Scientology is a National Security Risk.

In the 1970’s, the Guardian’s Office was doing a program to correct all false reports on Scientology that existed in government files around the world. Government intelligence agencies in the United States, such as the CIA and the National Security Agency, refused to turn over their files on Scientology on the grounds of national security. These agencies did not want the Church to find out about their efforts to develop Psychic Warfare using Scientology OTs. The Church filed suits on these government agencies to get them to turn over their files. The suits were all lost on the grounds of National Security.

In the interest of National Security, the US intelligence community needed to put a stop to Scientology making any OTs. To do that, they needed to do two things:

1. Take over control of the Church.
2. Prevent anyone going OT by destroying the subject of Scientology.

The Global Enslaver solution to Scientology is a black intelligence operation, as follows:

1. Taking Control of the Church

The Guardians Office guarded the Church from internal or external attacks. So, the first step to getting control of the Church would be to neutralize the strength and effectiveness of the Guardians Office as that is what stood in their road. An FBI memo stated that they needed to get FBI agents on the Board of Directors.

Problem-Reaction-Solution was then employed to handle the Guardians Office.

The first action the FBI would have to take, would be to infiltrate the Guardians Office with agent provocateurs. Which was done. These agent provocateurs needed to have the assistance of dupe agents and so they set about recruiting them. In this role they acted as a case officer or handler of dupe agents.

A case officer recruits and runs agents. He does this by studying the motivation of the agent. The agent provocateurs within the GO knew the motivation of GO staff to protect the Church and used that to turn them into their dupe agents.

In this scene, the government agencies were spreading false reports on Scientology and then refusing to let the GO see those files to correct the false reports. That was creating the Problem.

As a solution to being unable to obtain US government files on Scientology through legal means, the Intelligence bureau was ordered to obtain the files. Tremendous pressure came down the lines from seniors to intelligence bureau staff to comply to orders to obtain the government files on Scientology “by any means.”

Jimmy Mulligan was on the Board of Directors for HASI, which is where the FBI said they wanted to get their agents. But, he also held another key position, he was Mary Sue Hubbard’s communicator and assistant for intelligence. The chain of command was LRH, then Mary Sue Hubbard as Controller, then the Guardian World Wide. As Controller Communicator, Jimmy Mulligan was senior to the GWW and issued orders directly to anyone in the GO that he wanted to. Thus he constantly directly ordered the actions of Intelligence Bureau staff at USGO and WW.

Jimmy Mulligan was directly involved in putting pressure on USGO Intelligence bureau staff to get government agency files. In this action he acted as a case officer recruiting dupe agents, to carry out the presented solution of getting the files “by any means.”

So, intelligence bureau staff infiltrated agents into US government offices in Washington DC and illegally copied government files on Scientology at night. This was done in contradiction of several LRH policies wherein LRH instructed the Intelligence Bureau not to do anything illegal.

The intelligence bureau staff were unknowing dupe agents in this action, thinking they were serving a good cause when in fact they were serving enemy actions that would result in their downfall and the downfall of what they thought they were protecting, the Church.

Gerald Wolfe was the GO agent who was sent into the IRS in Washington DC. His senior in the GO was Michael Meisner. Meade Emory was the Assistant to the Commissioner of the IRS at the time.

The FBI was informed of the activities of Wolfe and Meisner and this led to the arrest of Wolfe. The FBI violated a grand jury law that would have let Wolfe and everyone else inside the GO off, but Wolfe waived his right to this protection and allowed the FBI to proceed with its prosecution. The FBI raided the USGO and obtained evidence to convict the GO staff who had participated in various illegal activities.

Several GO staff and Mary Sue Hubbard all served prison sentences as a result of the FBI raid. But not Jimmy Mulligan. Mulligan’s senior, MSH, went to jail. Mulligan’s juniors, the GWW and her staff, went to jail. But not Jimmy Mulligan, who was just as guilty.

The fact the GO was guilty of crimes created the Reaction. It’s bad PR for the Church.

LRH disappeared during these events. Pat Broeker was with him and the only way to get comm to or from Ron was via Pat Broeker. And Broeker’s connection in the Church was David Miscavige. So, all comm to or from Ron went via these two. And because of that, they were now running the show, representing they were acting on orders from Ron, and no one could prove otherwise, since they held the only comm line to or from Ron.

Then came the following Solution:

Miscavige then worked with wog attorneys, such as Sherman Lenske, to reorganize the legal structure of the Church while MSH and GO staff went to jail. The Guardian’s Office no longer stood in the road of a take over. Meade Emory, assistant to the IRS commissioner when Wolfe was arrested, also participated in restructuring the Church.

Their cover story for dismantling the GO was that it had committed crimes. The real reason was they needed to get rid of the GO so it no longer stood in the road of them taking control of the Church. Now the agent provocateurs were involved in restructuring the church as the new destructive action.

The new Church structure was Church of Spiritual Technology, Religious Technology Center, and Church of Scientology International. CST holds the power by alleging to be owner of copyrights. CST licenses rights to RTC. RTC licenses rights to CSI. CSI then licenses rights to orgs and missions. CST now had a strangle hold on all Scientology organizations by getting them to sign a licensing agreement. Unless these subordinate organizations do what CST says, CST can pull their right to deliver Scientology.

Also, these non-Scientologists attorneys are special directors of CST for life. They can’t be removed. Remember the FBI memo to have their agents on the Board of Directors?

Miscavige then notarized a document stating that LRH was giving trademarks to RTC. However, the “LRH signature” on this document looks phoney. A handwriting expert was hired to study it and he states that the notary’s handwriting made the phoney LRH signature. In other words, Miscavige made the LRH signature and also signed as notary.

Miscavige also carried about 80 million dollars of Church funds to Pat Broeker. An IRS criminal investigation was then started to indict LRH for tax fraud. Whether LRH ever saw that money is questionable, it was not part of his estate when he died.

Miscavige then said he had warning of an impending IRS raid and so he ordered the shredding of evidence that LRH was running the Church. However, at the same time he placed evidence of LRH involvement in running the Church into a secret storage facility. In other words, Miscavige and the non-Scientologist attorneys now had blackmail material on LRH.

Miscavige and Sherman Lenske then went to LRH and told him they were now running the Church, not him.

In January 1986, LRH died. The circumstances surrounding his death are very suspicious. There was a last minute will signed that gives copyrights to CST. His previous two wills made no mention of giving copyrights to CST. Also, the signature on the last minute will does not look like Ron’s signature.

In addition, the Coroner investigation showed that LRH had a stroke a week earlier than his death and therefore could not even speak coherently. Also, Vistaril was found in his bloodstream. So, the last minute will that gives copyrights to CST, is invalid. Ron could not legally sign it because of his physical condition and being on drugs at the time.

Another odd fact is that LRH did not own the copyrights, HASI owned them, and it was defunct since the late 1970’s. CST’s allegation that it owns the copyrights is a hoax. They “obtained them” through fraudulent means. And fraud does not result in legal ownership.

Miscavige and Sherman Lenske then used blackmail to get rid of Pat Broeker. They told Pat that he had signed for millions of dollars of Church funds and he had no evidence of giving the funds to LRH. Therefore Broeker was guilty of tax fraud and could be jailed unless he cooperated and allowed Miscavige and the non-Scientologist attorneys to run Scientology.

The 1986 will says that the copyrights could only be owned by a tax exempt organization. This keeps the copyrights under whomever the IRS approves of. Thus, CST had to have tax exemption to own the copyrights. The Church was granted tax exemption in 1993 and that marked the completion of the coup. CST now had its required tax exemption.

And, true to the design of the intelligence technique, Problem-Reaction-Solution - the Scientologists celebrated their defeat as though they had won. The 1993 tax exemption event was presented to Scientologists as a big win for Scientology and Scientologists. However, the truth be known, it marked the end of the coup and Scientology’s defeat.

2. Prevent OTs by destroying the subject of Scientology (Deprogramming)

The whole Global Enslaver plan to prevent any OTs is to get people off of the Bridge.

Inside the Church, they conducted a twenty-year campaign to alter, delete and fabricate LRH issues. That makes people off-source and that results in intentional misapplication of the subject - therefore they are now knocked off of the actual Bridge.

Outside of the Church, people are gotten off the Bridge in a couple of different ways:

1. Invalidate the subject so the person quits practicing it altogether.
2. Alter and misapply it so they are no longer doing actual Scientology.

In the 1970s, anti-cult Front Groups were formed to decry “mind-controlling cults”. Their role in the intelligence technique Problem-Reaction-Solution, is the Reaction part of it. They get the public to believe that followers of minority religions are brainwashed.

These anti-cult Front Groups began a practice called deprogramming. Adherents of minority religions were often kidnapped and held in a room with a deprogrammer who invalidated their religious beliefs. The intended end result of deprogramming was the person would drop out of the minority religion.

One of these anti-cult Front Groups was the Cult Awareness Network and a principal backer of CAN was Doctor Louis Jolyn West. Dr. West worked for the CIA. He worked on the CIA mind-control program - MK-Ultra. He also worked at Stanford Research Institute to assist in developing Psychic Warfare capabilities for the CIA. Psychic influencing is one way to practice mind control.

The fact that agents of the Global Enslavers, such as certain psychiatrists, are accusing minority religions of mind control is a sick joke. West has electric shocked, drugged and otherwise physically abused people to mind control them.

The agent provocateurs who have infiltrated and taken over the Church, are on the same side as the anti-cult Front Groups who conduct a black propaganda campaign against the subject and Church. Also on the same side are the people bringing legal attacks against the Church and its members.

The agent provocateurs inside the Church get members to commit actual crimes and immoral acts. Other agents who have left the Church reinforce this image by alleging crimes that may have never happened. Both of these actions are creating the Problem. These crimes and alleged crimes provide the ammunition needed by the anti-cult Front Groups to use in their black propaganda campaign against the subject. That is creating a bad public Reaction. These crimes and alleged crimes also provide the ammunition for legal attacks, such as proposing legislation to outlaw Scientology. That is creating the Solution.

The purpose of any black propaganda campaign is so no one comes to the target’s defense when the legal attacks take place. The public cheers outlawing Scientology.

Until the time comes when they can outlaw Scientology, the Enslaver agents work to get people off the Bridge with a slick deprogramming operation.

Ideally, the end result of this deprogramming operation is to invalidate the subject to such a degree that the person stops practicing Scientology entirely. Failing that, then get the person off of the Bridge by getting him to practice some altered version of the subject.

Two internet newsgroups serve as conduits towards this end: alt.religion.scientology and alt.clearing technology.

Alt.religion.scientology is a major conduit for the Enslaver black propaganda campaign against the subject of Scientology. It serves as a forum for hardcore critics of Scientology who work to invalidate the subject with the intention of getting Scientologists to drop out. If they do so, then they are successfully deprogrammed and are now off of the Bridge. acts as a deprogramming operation to get Scientologists off the Bridge by getting them to misapply the subject by practicing some altered version of it. And, here we have Problem-Reaction-Solution, again. But now it’s applied to the subject.

Outside of the Church, Enslaver deprogramming agents posing as “auditors” do this:

1. Intentionally misapply the subject to sabotage case gain.
2. Mislabel their misapplication as being Scientology when it really wasn’t.
3. Then announce it does not work.
4. This justifies further “research” and new practices.
5. This results in people being Off-Source and then they are off the Bridge to freedom.

You see Problem-Reaction-Solution in the 5 points above. Enslaver deprogramming agents posing as “auditors” created the Problem by intentionally misapplying the subject. They created the Reaction by announcing it does not work. They provided the Solution by inventing new practices that knock the person off of the actual Bridge.

Now the person is successfully deprogrammed. They are no longer doing actual Scientology, which is correctly applying only LRH tech. And now they won’t be going OT, which is exactly what the Nazi Head Global Enslavers wanted in the first place.

Some of these deprogramming agents posing as “auditors” are knowing agents of the Nazi Global Enslavers. Others are dupe agents. Either way, the end result is the same.

The practice of altered Scientology inside and outside of the Church creates a Theta Trap.

A Theta Trap is bait with a hidden hook in it. The hidden hook is a sabotaged Bridge.

While altered Scientology delivers some gains, it never has and never will make an OT.

The Free Zone

There is good news despite the actions of the Nazi Global Enslavers.

Ron predicted the Enslaver take over of the subject. (See a 1952 article entitled A Story.)

Therefore, Ron took steps to counter the actions of the Global Enslavers. The HASI was the owner of the copyrights. One of the steps taken by Ron, was to allow the HASI to go defunct after the FBI raid. In addition, he did not give the taken over Church the complete data needed for the completion of OT 7 and OT 8, or any further Bridge above that.

Another step taken by Ron was he filled in some of the key missing pieces of tech related to case phenomena above OT 3, by releasing that data to Captain Bill Robertson. Captain Bill had left the Church after the take over and established the practice of Scientology outside of the Church, and this was called Rons Org. Thus, for a time, the subject was freed from Enslaver control.

Other steps taken by Ron were of a political and military nature, primarily off-planet.

Some background information on what is meant by off-planet actions:

The Marcabian planets are part of a larger federation called the Galactic Confederation. The Galactic Confederation is run by a Grand Council. The Grand Council consists of representatives from each of its member planets. The Grand Council establishes law for the confederation and these laws are enforced by the Galactic Patrol.

The Marcabian planets and Earth are located in what is called Sector 9. Ron has been and still is Sector 9 Commander. The Marcabians have a plan to annex Earth into their system of planets and that is why they have been covertly working to take political control of Earth.

The Marcabians need approval from the Grand Council of the Galactic Confederation to annex Earth. They have not obtained that approval due to the actions of Ron and others. Ron obtained approval from the Grand Council to declare Earth a non-interference zone. In addition to that, Ron obtained a Free Zone Decree from the Grand Council and issued it on 10 November 1982.


Official Decree - Galactic Grand Council

The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect “Earth” or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.

No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.

No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.

All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.

The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.

The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for compliance with this decree.

The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on Teegeeack are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9.

This Decree is issued by unanimous vote of the Grand Council.


In recent times, LRH as Sector 9 Commander, has placed a blockade around Earth with an armada of Galactic Patrol ships. This was done to enforce the Free Zone Decree.

The Marcabians were planning to take overt political control of the planet with an overt landing en masse in 2015. This is referred to in the Bible as the Second Coming. That is why their Front Group on Earth, the Head Global Enslavers, have been working to create a One World government by 2015 - so they could land without any military resistance.

Due to the blockade - the Second Coming will not be taking place.

The “Freezone”

The subject of Scientology was now being practiced outside of the Church, by Rons Org.

This posed a new threat that the subject of Scientology would be used to make OTs. The Global Enslaver solution to Rons Org was the same solution they had for the Church - infiltrate it, take it over, then get the subject misapplied to prevent any OTs being made.

Per Bernd Luebeck, he and 6 others started the Free Zone Association shortly after Captain Bill “died” in 1991. They founded Freie Zone e.V. as a registered association with Bernd as the president. Freie Zone e.V. is German for Free Zone Association.

Our initial investigation into the 7 founders of the Free Zone Association reveals that Joe Harrington and Homer Wilson Smith, were directly involved. Due to an unwillingness of the association to reveal the names of each of the 7 founders, the others remain hidden at this time.

This Free Zone Association serves as a vehicle to get people off of the actual Bridge.
It deprograms Scientologists by encouraging the use of altered versions of the subject.
It does this by uniting various altered versions of the subject under an umbrella organization. The details of how it does this and who is involved are as follows:

Bernd says he formed the Free Zone Association because there was no third dynamic except the single Rons Orgs connected as a network. So, he formed the Association and announced it to the Rons Orgs and invited people to support it with their membership. It has about 100 members... Erika, Max, Otfried, Ralph Hilton... they are all members.

In January 1992 we find the earliest attempt to redefine the term Free Zone in a post by “Electra” which appears to be intimately linked to Homer:

"The Free Zone is a huge sprawling loosely connected system of Independent Scientologists, those who were either once part of the Church and left or were booted out, and those who came into Scientology through contact with the Free Zone."

On 17 Feb 1994 we find the following post by Homer Wilson Smith:

"About our group in short: It is called "Freie Zone e.V." (Free Zone registered Assoc.). Here an extract of our self-description. It's members come from various scn-traditions as you might call it. Purpose is not the defense of a single scn-direction but to set up a kind of umbrella organization.

This association is an initiative by the supporters of cognition-philosophies. A philosophy of cognition has to do with the change and development of persons through self-achieved cognitions..."

Now, you may ask “what is a cognition-philosophy?” Well, that term comes from a book that was written in 1934 by a promoter of Nazi doctrine. His name is Anastasius Nordenholz and his book is Scientology, Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge. In this book he promotes eugenics and he authored other works on eugenics. Eugenics is Nazi doctrine.

Nordenholz and Alfred Ploetz co-founded Archiv fur Rassen und Gesellschaftsbiologie, in 1904. That is a Nazi magazine of the German Association for Racial Hygiene and it is heralded as being the foundation of Nazism. Nordenholz was convinced of the idea that it is necessary to protect the best and most valuable human specimens in their struggle for life by "race-betterment". In 1905, Alfred Ploetz and Dr. Ernst Rudin founded a German eugenics society, called the Society for Racial Hygiene.

In 1995 the Free Zone Association purchased the rights to Nordenholz's book.

The Free Zone Association promotes and sells the Nordenholz book on “Scientology.” A reading of this book will show you that it contains a bunch of false data about life that conflicts with Scientology axioms.

In addition to promoting an off-source book, and recommending any version of altered Scientology under the category of being a “cognition-philosophy”, members of the Free Zone Association have been busy destroying Rons Org tech. For example, the original Rons Org materials state that the End Phenomena for handling a particular type of OT case is a Floating Tone Arm. They have altered this by introducing an arbitrary false datum that an F/N is an acceptable alternative end phenomena.

Members of the Free Zone Association also sabotage case gain by having disagreements with the subject of ethics. For specifics on how they have sabotaged Rons Org tech and the entire Bridge, see our web site

In 1994 we find Joe Harrington, Homer Wilson Smith and others involved in a group called the “United Free Zone Alliance.” The United Free Zone Alliance is the registered owner of the web domain used by Bernd Luebeck,, even to this day. Homer provides through his company, Art Matrix-Lightlink Internet, the domain servers for

Homer also created the internet newsgroup -, and provides access to it and alt.religion.scientology through his company, Art Matrix-Lightlink Internet.

As mentioned earlier, and alt.religion.scientology are conduits for the slick deprogramming operation to get people off of the actual Bridge. Those two newsgroups act as Division 6, public division, for the deprogramming of Scientologists. What they are is a bunch of advertisements to get Scientologists to leave the Church and either stop practicing Scientology altogether or get into one of the altered versions of the subject offered up at

These altered versions of the subject are called the “freezone” or “clearing technologies” and by that they mean any alternative to actual On-Source Scientology. The various practitioners who offer some altered version of the subject, advertise their services at alt.clearing technology.

Among the advertisers at is Alan Walter and his Knowledgeism. Alan is a self-admitted ex-Scientologist and he is very active in the deprogramming of Scientologists. He bad mouths Ron, the tech, KSW, and ethics. He also invalidates evidence of conspiracies and aliens. He and his followers also peddle the psychiatric enemy black propaganda that Scientologists are mentally ill. In addition. he recaptures Beings who have been freed by people auditing on OT 3 and above, and uses them for Psychic Warfare purposes. When it comes to being an agent for the Global Enslavers, he was the complete package, their ideal agent.

Joe Harrington also engaged in actions in line with deprogramming Scientologists.
On 7 Aug 1998, Joe posted this:

"Yes, I agree the generic term Free Zone is prone to confusion and misunderstanding. I do a lot of independent research and auditing geared toward the alleviation of the adverse effects of Hubbard's "standard tech", however I reject being classified in a vague Free Zone category."

The so-called “freezone” offers many alternative versions of the subject of Scientology. The common denominator of each and every one of them, including Rons Org, is that they are all Off-Source and therefore they serve as deprogrammers of Scientologists to get them off of the actual Bridge, so that no one goes OT.

And, that makes every one of them deprogramming agents for the Global Enslavers.

If you decide to leave the Church because it offers a sabotaged Bridge, do not go into any “freezone” groups because all they offer is a sabotaged Bridge, too. The Global Enslavers did not just sit and watch while the Church produced OTs. They acted to put a stop to the Church making OTs. The same idea applies to the practice of Scientology outside of the Church. The Global Enslavers have acted to ensure the subject of Scientology is not used there, either.

The only option you have for the On-Source practice of the subject of Scientology is you.

The HASI is currently the only On-Source group of auditors on the planet. Its staff go up the Bridge on a co-train and co-audit basis. It does not offer or sell any services. The only hope you have for attaining OT is to copy the HASI and organize a group of On-Source auditors where you live and co-train and co-audit each other up the Bridge. Your only cost in doing the Bridge then, is whatever it costs you to assemble an original LRH library.


In 1999, LRH visited me at my house. He started this visit by throwing my body a couple of feet up in the air to wake me up. So, I have seen the product of the Bridge. Ron is OT. And, I can tell you that no one else on Earth, compares with him. He made it, they didn’t.

Ron’s visit led to the resurrection of HASI, which is an On-Source Auditor Association.

Ron gave the HASI 3 responsibilities:

1. Ensure that actual OTs are made on planet Earth
2. Handle the 3rd dynamic engram - the take over of the Church
3. Handle the 4th dynamic engram - the Global Enslaver agenda to make men slaves

To accomplish these things the functions of the original Guardians Office were also resurrected. And we have created educational web sites.

The Enslaver deprogramming agents who control the Church and the “freezone” have been running a black propaganda campaign against the HASI. The HASI is exposing them for what they are and undermines their effort to intentionally misapply the subject. By getting the subject of Scientology correctly applied, and getting you to be On-Source, the HASI is ensuring that actual OTs can be made.

But, the HASI is not the ultimate target of the black propaganda campaign, you are.

Ron has a help flow line to you to assist you in regaining your freedom as a spiritual being. He made it and if you follow his lead and accept his help, you can make it too. The Enslavers are afraid of that and so they want to cut you off from that help flow from Ron by getting you to be Off-Source. That is why they run a black propaganda campaign against the HASI, to cut your line to Ron.

Finally, these deprogramming agents who run a black propaganda campaign against the HASI have exposed themselves as being reverse auditors practicing reverse Scientology. Real auditors convert entheta back to theta. Theta is truth, entheta is lies. These Enslaver agents posing as “auditors” do the exact opposite, they convert theta into entheta - by peddling lies.

We hope you make the right choice.

We have done our job - the rest is up to you.