Essay on Freedom and the Eighth Dynamic


The Eighth Dynamic is Native State and it has many names –

Serenity of Beingness
Co-existence of Static
Prime Mover Unmoved
Supreme Being

A study of the axioms and factors seems to indicate the following about Native State:

Native State is called Ultimate Truth and it is a Static. Actually, it is Co-Existing Static. A static means no motion. The physical universe is the opposite – a universe of all motion. A static is an absence of the physical universe and contains no matter energy space or time – meaning no motion.

The top affinity is to share the same space with. Only Theta can do this. Two objects cannot share the same space. Affinity is a consideration about distance and the more you dislike something – the further away you want it from you. Conversely, the more you like something the more you are willing to have it close – the top affinity being to share the same space with – which is what Tone 40 Native State is – Co-Existing static.

Thus, Native State is not only Ultimate Truth – it is Ultimate Love – affinity.

Native State is not understanding because understanding is ARC. The Comm formula is Cause-Distance-Effect and there is NO DISTANCE in Native State. One is Co-Existing in Native State so one KNOWS – one does not understand. One does not LOOK to Know either, because again that involves space and there is no space to Native State.

All universes stem from Native State and therefore it is Source for all existences. There is no limit to the amount of creation the Source static is capable of and so it is also called Infinity. This is because it is a pure potentiality and the only infinity there could be would be a pure potentiality. Native State is capable of unlimited (infinite) creation.

Native State has no viewpoint. The way the Co-existing static makes universes is by considerations. The first consideration is to assume a viewpoint. The second consideration is to extend from the viewpoint, things to view – and so comes about the phenomena of space and objects in space and motion. Thus you get matter, energy, space and time. Thus you get various universes of motion.

Any given number of the Co-Existing static can agree with the considerations of a particular universe or not and so come to view it, or not. The Co-existing static can change universes by changing its considerations to agree with the considerations that made any given universe.

The phenomena of universes is simply the phenomena of a Co-existing static viewing its own self-created illusions – illusions it put there to view by making considerations that something exists for it to view. In this regard – all such universes and time are lies.

The Co-existing static can consider itself to be placed within the illusions it created for itself to view – but that is just another self-imposed lie. By reason of this – any effort to "return" to Native State is another lie – because one never really left Native State except by considerations which were lies. The truth at all times is – you are always a Co-existing static that is simply viewing your self and co-created illusions – which are all lies.

However, for lack of a better word – we will use the word "return" to Native State in our discussion here today.

The apparent reason that Native State creates universes of motion – is to have a game.

Things to have a game about are summed up under Havingness and apparently beings crave the sensations of Havingness. All games are aberrative and some are fun. And thus comes about a fun scale for the game of life, as follows –

Tone Sensation State Attained

40 Serenity of Beingness Native State - no motion (static)
20 Spirit of Play Cleared Theta Clear
8 Exhilaration Theta Clear
4 Enthusiasm Clear (reason towards survival)
2 Antagonism Reactive Mind (unreason)
0 Body Death
-40 Total Failure Static – no motion (close proximity but mystery)

The top of the fun scale is Theta and the bottom is entheta.

Auditing is a process of converting entheta back to Theta. Auditing is not the only method of accomplishing this – but it is a fast method. One way a being does it naturally in life is to withdraw for awhile. The task of training and auditing is to quickly raise a being on the above fun scale to make him a happier player in the game of life.

There are 3 basic methods of quickly converting entheta back to Theta –

An overwhelming volume of Theta in the presence of entheta will convert it to Theta.



The downward Tone Arm Action on an e-meter is a measure of conversion taking place.

Anything that can be done outside of sessions that assist in raising tone level is beneficial.

This would consist of education (training) and numerous other things but attempting to mirror Native State qualities in living would be very helpful in advancing tone level.

What are the qualities of Native State? It is Ultimate Truth and Ultimate Love. So, the more one seeks to live with those qualities – the more he moves in the direction of Native State. The more one lives with such qualities as hate and lies – the more he moves away from Native State.

Another quality of Native State is Total Freedom. In Native State the Co-Existing static has no viewpoint but he has the potential for assuming any viewpoints in any universe. This is the state of Total Freedom because freedom is defined as choice to play or not play a game.

When one gets stuck in any assumed viewpoint – he is aberrated and not free. Freedom would be the ability to assume or discard any viewpoint (beingness) at will. In other words, one could go back and forth between Native State and any universe of motion at will – which is to say the ability to enter or leave any game at will.

A knowing "return" to Native State (one is already there and never left there except by considerations that are lies) would wipe out the lie of time and thus there would be no charge and no case.

So, one could say the only lack of freedom is getting stuck in an assumed viewpoint in any game and not being able to discard it at will. And a return to Total Freedom would be processing in the direction of being able to assume and discard any viewpoint in any game at will and to be able to "return" to Native State at will – having NO viewpoint.

There is no objection to games, there is only an objection to getting stuck in one - fixated.

It is not the goal of Scientology to bring an end to games. The goal is to bring about a state of Total Freedom where one can enter and leave any game at will and to play higher tone, more fun games than the current down tone ones.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Some current down tone games:

Enslavers vs Beings Who Seek Freedom -

The lower one descends on the fun scale the more serious the game gets. Seriousness is the opposite of fun. That’s one reason survival can get to be a down tone game – beings can get serious about survival.

That’s actually how this whole business of mind control gets going -

Some beings create a MEST FORM and then decide it must persist.

Then some other beings come along and destroy their creation.

Then the beings who decided their creation must endure, decide to do something about the beings who destroyed their creation - enter various solutions to control other beings - such as implanting.

Now we have entered into the down tone game of Mind Control and the above is why.

There is a gradient scale of Mind Control from the mild to the more severe forms.

All of these are aimed at manipulating a being to have Fixed Ideas – meaning to only think one way on a given subject and prohibiting thinking some other way about it.

Scale of Mind Control -

Education – entering outpoints into it such as omitted data and false data

Propaganda aka Public Relations – subject for manipulating reality and emotions

Group Think – peer pressure to have fixed ideas

Hidden Messages to Reactive Mind –

  a. Subliminal advertising
  b. Hypnosis
  c. Psychotronics – the milder forms are hidden messages via radio signals

Implanting –

  a. Psychotronics – heavier forms amount to implanting since these machines can harm
  b. PDH – implanting ideas while the person is unconscious from pain and drugs
  c. Implanting with electronics to knock a being out - as used in whole track implants
  d. Mind control by use of an electronic device implanted in the body or brain

An engram works the same way as hypnosis. You put a being in a trance and then implant a suggestion. A trance is a lowered state of awareness or consciousness.

Then you wake him up and he is unaware of what you said while he was in the trance.

You touch your tie and he starts barking like a dog. He does not understand why he acts like a dog and cannot explain it. An engram works the same way. Only in this case the lessened state of awareness is unconscious brought on by physical pain.

Suggestions can then be implanted while the being is unconscious that he will not be aware of when he wakes up. He will then follow these commands and act in certain ways without realizing why he is acting that way. This is called implanting. Implanting is a severe method of mind control.

To bring an end to this down tone game – we are going to have to audit out the evil intention to enslave other beings – from those beings that have that evil intention.

Just because these beings have the evil purpose of enslaving us – does not mean we should consider them enemies and attack and enslave them. If we do that, they have won because we would now be enslavers – just like them.

Our weapons for fighting back are qualities of Native State. This means our weapons are truth, love and freedom for them and us too. By using that solution, we move ourselves in the direction of Native State – while we are moving them in that direction too.

Native State Total Freedom for them and us – is the answer to this problem.


Thought Police actions of the Church –

This is another current down-tone game. The Church practices Mind Control too.

1. Church PR – omits vital data and even issues false data to cause wrong conclusions

2. Enforced Disconnection – puts members in an information prison of only positive data

3. Group Think – loss of ARC, friends, family and jobs for not agreeing with it

4. Attacking critics – only positive ideas are allowed – otherwise we will attack you

5. Eligibility for OT levels – used as an Extortion Lever to think and act properly

6. Military pattern for SO – comply to Senior orders without questioning them or else

7. RPF – borders on psychiatric brainwashing for SO members who question orders

8. Reverse auditing – especially Black NOTs.

9. Expulsion - used to eliminate political opponents of top management - anyone who
   acts like a Free Being because they are self-determined and think for themselves

The current top management does not want the product of Free Beings around them.

They only want people who take their orders on a blind, unthinking, unquestioning basis.

In other words, they want – OTHER DETERMINED ROBOTS.

All the above Thought Police practices oppose the product – Free Spiritual Beings.

To enforce any idea on beings is not sanity or freedom. How can you say you stand for freedom and then enforce ideas on another being or restrict his ideas? You have just made him unfree and aberrated by doing that.

A Free Being is self-determined and thinks and talks freely. He is not restricted.

Scientology is for going up the tone scale to where the game is not serious, it is fun.

Starting with the Reign of Terror the tone level of the group was dropped to fear and held there by the above practices. The game of Scientology got serious, instead of being fun.

What's wrong with Miscavige's brand of "Scientology"? It's way too serious to be fun. Lot's of sec checks, serious ethics officers, heavy ethics, don't think any bad thoughts, etc.

If isn't fun, it isn't Scientology.


State of Theta Clear – Tone 8

Since the church is not going to produce the product of Free Spiritual Beings – we will.

Theta Clear is our next objective and it is an intermediate state between Clear and OT. There is not much sense talking about OT unless we can make Theta Clears. Theta Clear exists around tone 8 and OT exists around tone 20. You have to pass through tone 8 to get to tone 20 – there is no way around it.

We need to concentrate on this one until we can make them. When we can make these – then we’ll work on making OTs.

We first find a man's case below 2.0 on the scale - reactive mind dominating. We use the next level up - analytical mind & survival to raise his tone level. Now he is in the survival band, in the just above 2.0 to 4.0 band.

The next objective is Theta Clear at around 8.0 – the Aesthetic Mind band.

The upper bands of the tone scale are out of the reality of men.

Aberration is FIXATION. It means getting stuck in something. Beings can get stuck in all kinds of things – universes, valences, tone levels, mental pictures, survival, ad infinitum.

Obsessive destruction and obsessive survival are both Fixations.

Men's cases are first found below 2.0 – in the non-survival band of the tone scale. There you find non-survival intentions, evil purposes, etc. The HCOB on Psychosis defines it as the continuous overt or covert intention to harm or destroy. In other words, a FIXATION on destroying.

The level just above 2.0 is Survival - where there is the continuous intention to be constructive and assist survival. That can be a FIXATION too. Survival is the goal of man, not a thetan. More accurately, Survival is the goal of any species, which is to say a particular MEST FORM.

This is a consideration and fixation that a particular FORM must endure.

From below 2.0 on the tone scale, survival is UP.

But, from the higher ranges of the tone scale, survival is DOWN.

Survival can be a Theta Trap, wherein the being is always pre-occupied in a down tone game of making a particular MEST FORM endure:

Below 2.0 fixation on destroy
Just above 2.0 fixation on survive

Around 8.0 is the zone of Theta Clear. The being is beginning to move above the survival zone of the tone scale. Thus, he is beginning to be able to REJECT the FORM called man and his considerations and realities.

He is becoming more himself and he is Senior to man. You - being more you - is senior to you manifesting as a FORM. Responsibility for men and ARC with men can be used to hold you down – just like the story about the bucket of crabs. Those who would make you guilty are dramatizing keeping you in the trap. Lose your guilt. You becoming more you is what is important here.

Your next step up on the tone scale is being able to REJECT the Form called man and his entire planet. If you have to be a man – you are not free – you’re fixated. REJECT is only half of the ability though, ACCEPT is the other half. Being able to accept or reject planet Earth and all its forms is advancement toward sanity and freedom.

For those below 2.0, ACCEPTING it is the problem.
For those just above 2.0, REJECTING it is the problem.

Then, being able to ACCEPT or REJECT the entire Physical Universe is next.

The above is a tough reality where men are concerned – it will get attacked by men.

When that happens - remember the bucket of crabs.

The next higher state of mind above survival is the aesthetic mind.

The aesthetic mind is senior to the mere grind of a daily struggle for survival.

This is where life really starts to be a joy. The game is a lot less serious and more fun.

It is art. It is beauty. Art is the quality of communication – and so you also have quality reality and affinity. A high tone being will seek out other realities to expand his own.

Other realities are not viewed as a threat that have to be attacked and destroyed – they are viewed as a joy for expanding one’s own reality. Other realities are a kick and make life interesting. If all had the exact same reality – it would get to be boring after awhile.

I always wondered what is the Church’s allergy to criticism? Why is it so sensitive to it? Who cares what people’s opinions are? We now have to beat them up for expressing an opinion? We have to disconnect to keep from hearing what they have to say?

What kind of an OT is it that folds up if he hears anything negative or different than what he thinks or believes? That’s not a powerful being - that’s a wimp!

The Church once made this statement as a justifier for not releasing OT 9 –

"And the way to create a Safe Environment for the release of OT 9 is to really get the KSW mandates IN, IN, IN."

We have to make a Safe Environment for our poor little OTs who cannot possible hear anything negative or they will just collapse and not be an OT? That cracks me up – the outpoint of that is just too funny and I cannot keep myself from laughing.

I go see Bob Minton, the devil himself, according to the Church.

I listen to what he and his team have to say. It isn’t complimentary or what I think. I don’t get sick and I don’t lose my case gain. I go home and audit and get more case gain than ever! It’s wonderful!



And what kind of free being do you think you are going to attain, by participating in a group that tells you cannot experience ANY communication, without collapsing and caving in? The truth is – a powerful free being is not fragile and being high toned he SEEKS OUT different realities to expand his own – its GROWTH.

Excalibur said – a being is as sane as he is dangerous to his environment and he is insane to the degree his environment is dangerous to him.

We need a safe environment for our OT 9s? Please stop – my laughter is killing me!

Well, maybe that is Scientology because it sure is funny. Let’s get back to business…

The emotion of 8.0 is EXHILARATION. It is the tone level of EXTERIORIZATION. A being pops out of a head at that tone level. He is just too blown out to stay in it.

Let us make it clear what we mean by exteriorization and what we mean by Theta Clear.

By exteriorization we mean ALL THE WAY OUT. No attention units left inside the body. The being is separated by space between himself and his body and all of his awareness of himself is located where he is – and he is aware of his existence without having any form. He is by himself – alone in space – without any form. He perceives himself as being in a space that is separate and distant from the location of his body in space. He is not half in and half out of a body – he is all the way out of the body.

By Theta Clear we mean STABLY EXTERIOR. He can enter and leave his body AT WILL – whenever he wants to. He can get his body to enter and leave a car at will. He should have that same ability with a head – him as a Thetan being able to enter and leave a head whenever he feels like it. He runs his body from outside of it most of the time and the body getting hurt does not make him collapse back into it.

The tone level of Theta Clear has everything to do with Fun, Pride and Admiration.

Guilt is a tool of the enslaver to make you tie yourself down in bondage.

Self respect, pride and admiration breaks the bonds of self-restraint. Wallow in it.

The only entrapment could be said to be – Denial of Self.

SELF PRIDE may be misconstrued by some as being selfish. It isn't. For one's joy and theta overspills onto other dynamics and automatically disenturbulates them too.

Everyone wins.

- - -

Definition of a FREE SPIRITUAL BEING –

He is not stuck in anything. That includes entire universes of motion.

He can go back and forth between Native State and any universe of motion at will.

Freedom is defined as choice to play or not play a game.

And, we would also assume when he elects to enter a game – he gets this out of it –