Communications from Ron


In 1998 Virginia McClaughry was at Flag for a six-month sec check on OT 7. While Virginia was in the courseroom at Flag, she needed to refer to the Tech Volume that contains C/S Series 73. Whenever she went to use this particular Tech Volume, it would always fall open to the pages containing CS Series 73. This happened for several days running, until Virginia finally read it and cognited that 6 months sec checks are out tech.

Several months later, we had discovered that someone re-wrote CS Series 73 and had deleted 7 pages from the original LRH issue. I was making a time track of Virginia's efforts to get KSW applied regarding CS Series 73 and writing reports to upper level management that there was a major squirrel in the church who was altering LRH issues.

I had been working long and hard on this time track and decided to take a break one morning and sleep in, when I was literally bounced off the bed by a force that hit me on the left shoulder. There was no one else in the house except me and I perceived a presence of spiritual strength, the like of which I had never even dreamed existed. The power of the being in the room with me, was its most evident trait that I was perceiving. It was Ron.

What he had to say was (but not in words) :

You've been sleeping long enough, get up and finish the time track.

He is not happy with the current management, particularly their alterations to his issues. He is enlisting the aide of some Scientologists who have had enough case gain from the tech to want to see it preserved, AND, who have the confront to do something about it.

He was doing his part, and he expected those he selected to do our part to correct the Church. His part had a lot more to do with other factors, than the mere goings on of the Church on planet earth. Most of his time and efforts were spent doing that, but this was one cycle he was attending to, it was important, he was in a hurry, and he wanted to see some fast action to get this off-source management handled. He would enlist the help of some others, so we were not alone. He would do this and that to assist us, he would check up from time to time to see how we were doing, but mainly it was going to be up to us to handle this, as he had other matters to attend to.

Then he left with the parting thought that he wished I would get my shit together.

Since then, I have been working on setting up a web page to inform Scientologists of what is going on with the Church and upper level management. I have also been working on an investigation into Church history - leading up to an Evaluation.

The most noteable part of this visit was that I could feel his level of power, an awesome spiritual strength. All he had done was tap me as lightly as he could on the shoulder to wake me up. He wasn't trying to hurt me, just wake me up. But, my shoulder hurt like hell from the "tap" he gave it. It hurt for weeks, and I could still feel some soreness months later.

Later in time, I received a telephone call from a close friend who is at the bottom of bridge. He was disturbed and wanted to tell me something that happened to him, along the lines of receiving a telepathic message. What he relayed to me is below, entitled Upper Level Bridge Message. He had the thoughts all scrambled up so I arranged it into what seems to be a logical order.

The method of getting this data to me is interesting, because it clearly shows it is a message. The concepts expressed are way out of the reality of my close friend and he is incapable of having these thoughts on his own. Had these thoughts appeared in my mind, I might have thought these were my thoughts because it is not out of my reality.

Message 1 from Ron:


Basic BE is native state, not in a game, no case

In order to play a game you have to not know, enter case

From there on down you are in lessening degrees of BE

Case = anything that impedes BE

The basic WHY for all, is case

The primary enemy is case

Anyone with case is operating on the rest of the dynamics to the degree of his first D

Third D, freezone, everything are composed of individuals

Any observed or handling of other enemies, (or any outnesses at all), can only be resolved as the primary enemy is resolved

Thus the primary goal is the resolution of the primary enemy

Primary goal = resolving the primary enemy

Unite on this goal

That very very narrow bridge across the chasm.

Why is it so narrow?

Could it be because you, as you inch across the bridge, are blind?

In which case you are subject to going affect of the primary enemy, anywhere up to basic BE.

And you wonder what happened to Scientology?

Skipped gradient.

All having case are blind to their own case.

The most advanced and well meaning individuals beware.

For whom the bell tolls is for you, for you are still spanning the chasm.

The concept – one person makes it, then takes another, then each takes two others, would take too long, there is not time. Maybe there is not time to do it any other way, for the blind, leading the blind across the chasm!!!

Maybe that’s what was intended. How it had to start, to broadly find those able individuals around the planet that could see and then carry on properly.

To summarize, the primary basic fundamental that everything operates off of, springs from, is: BE - DO - HAVE

DO and HAVE being equal only to the condition of BE

Unlike the ARC triangle, this works differently
You can’t increase DO and HAVE to increase BE

BE is very primary

Basic BE is before you enter a game. It is truth.

All phenomena is resolved gradiently as BE is raised

Anything else is Q & A. You have fallen in the chasm.

Attention elsewhere appears to be Q & A.

Q & A = leaving the path to truth.

Theta Clear, Cleared Theta Clear, et al have not been attained –
all assumptions which then lead to some more assumptions.


Cleared Theta Clear = 50% cause, 50% effect

Does that equal 50 % of case handled?

Out ethics:

1. Having a case
2. Not resolving the case


Only by continuing on that narrow path which is resolving BEINGNESS…

as we get there we will see and know what there is to see and know

- - - - - - - - - - -

I also received help from him on the Evaluation – the WHY is Ron’s origination.

The following is another message from Ron that was communicated directly to me.


Message 2 from Ron:


A VWD to the independents for keeping the torch of freedom burning.

In the broader universal picture, there has been a turn of events that has brought much more hope than was previously ordained.

Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, though, for we have not won all the way through, yet. Now is the time, to not waste time, and to push it through to a full done.

Things could still turn for the worse, so take advantage of this window of opportunity.

This message is for certain people, and you know who you are. Band together and help each other get through. We need all the rehabilitated, able beings, we can get. This is our hope.

I know you can make it. I have every confidence in you that you will make it.

Do not forget your brethern who are still in the church. There are many valuable beings there and we need them too.

You have the answers, you just need to work.

And not waste time.

Study and Audit daily.



- - - - - - - - - - -


In the OT 8 briefing, Ron said he would first delay and then halt a series of events designed to make happy slaves of us all. He spoke of the Second Coming – the mass Marcabian landing on Earth. Ron said he is working with the Galactic Confederacy and they oppose the Marcabian landing and plans to enslave mankind with mind control technology.

The delay part has already happened. The Marcabians needed approval from the Galactic Council for their overt landing and takeover. They did not get it – thanks to Ron. Now their only option is to fight if they want to proceed with their landing plans. A blockade has been formed with an armada. Ron promoted himself to Commodore just before his death. Commodore means commander of a fleet of vessels.

All of this is what Ron was referring to in his visit to my house wherein he said he had other matters to attend to. He is wearing his hat, as you can see. Dealing with the Church and upper level management is our hat in this scenario. But, that is only a sideshow.

Our primary hat is to by-pass the Church and to produce the product of Free Spiritual Beings, ourselves. That is our real mission. These are needed for our ultimate win.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Regarding all of the above, you can take it or leave it. It makes no difference. It is communicated for the benefit of those who have some awareness of the bigger picture and who want to know what is going on.

Leaving all of the above aside – the Global Enslavers on Earth and their plans to enslave all of humanity with mind control technology – is real and it is happening. This is a documented fact - it is not our imagination, or an opinion or a belief or a theory.

Whether there is an alien race behind the Global Enslavers or not – our solution remains the same:

1. Create a webpage to inform people about the plans of the Global Enslavers.

2. Create the product of Free Spiritual Beings ourselves.

If you think the data on Marcabians is fantasy – you will still benefit from 1 & 2 above.

Man is at a crossroads.

He can pay the price of freedom or he can become a mind-controlled robot.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by adhering to this policy -


 Study and Audit Daily