Preliminary Statement

This statement is for telling you who we are and what this is all about. My name is Mike McClaughry and my wife’s name is Virginia. I joined staff at San Francisco Org in early 1969. My first post was Communication Course supervisor in the Public Division.

SFO was a big org with about 150 staff and about 200 public on lines at all times. SFO also had a lot of highly trained Tech staff - several Class 8, Class 7, Class 6 and Class 4 auditors. In the summer of 1969 LRH issued the Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course. I took that course along with 200 other students. I was the best Dianetic auditor from that course and I audited in the HGC.

I then became the supervisor of the HSDC course and was also the Case Supervisor for all Dianetic auditing, both student auditors and HGC auditors. I had about 200 students on course and about the same number of cases I was C/Sing for. I also did cramming on Dianetic auditors.

When I was on staff I worked in both orgs so I was there all day long 7 days a week. After several months of wearing several Tech Division hats, the Tech Sec had a meeting of all tech staff and said the rest of the tech staff had to give me a hand with all of these hats I was wearing. He told me I could have any post I wanted as a reward for my work. I said I wanted to be an HGC auditor, because I love to audit.

I became a Class 3 auditor and audited in the HGC for a year. At the time, HGC auditors were auditing 5 to 10 hours a week in the chair. I loved to audit so I stayed in session all day and I set a new HGC pattern by auditing 40 to 50 well done hours per week in the chair. Other HGC auditors then followed my example.

In 1971, the Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor Course came out and the ED of the org wanted me to take it. I wanted to keep auditing but when the ED said that the org would not be allowed to deliver courses without an HPCSC supervisor, I agreed to go.

I then supervised for the next 2 and ½ years. Every course in the org was put into one large room with myself as the supervisor. I had about 200 students on various courses. My academy produced over 400 Class 4 auditors per year. The ED told me that 90% of my course graduates resigned for another service. Years later my students would come up to me and say I was the best supervisor on the planet, and that included Flag supervisors.

In the Fall of 1973 I was asked to join the Intelligence unit of the Guardian’s Office. I said no to that, I love the tech and I want to stay in the tech division. They persisted and said I would be doing 4th dynamic auditing and that I could go up to OT 4 if I would join. So, I did.

While in training at the United States Guardian’s Office, I read LRH issues wherein he said not to do anything illegal. I found out this policy was being violated and asked the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence at USGO if we did illegal things. He said we cross the line on occasion but then we get back on the right side of the law. I did not report this any further up lines because I was afraid to.

In early 1974 I was solo auditing on the Clearing Course, OT 2 and OT 3. I solo audited 10 to 14 hours per day and was the top solo auditor on AOLA lines. I then went on post in the Intelligence unit at SFO. The post was backlogged, with programs and orders that were years old. All GO posts in the world were backlogged like that. My staff and I did the unheard of - we applied the backlog policy and handled the backlog. Within a year, we had the post in PT, no more undone programs or orders in our area. I also got a lot of products of handled attackers and my seniors said I was the best AG I in the country.

As an Intelligence officer, I committed crimes, such as using lock picks to get into government agency files on Scientology. Committing these crimes was making me physically ill - I didn’t like it, but I did not know how to gracefully extract myself from the GO and get back into tech where I really wanted to be.

In 1977 the FBI raided the USGO for infiltrating US government offices in Washington DC. I felt bad about that and looked at my failure to report the criminal activity further up lines than I did. I did promise myself I would never back down in applying KSW again, as I saw how much destruction can be caused by that. I have kept that promise to myself.

In 1979, I was asked to be the Security Officer at USGO. I took that post as a way of getting out of committing any more crimes. I held that post until the GO was disbanded in 1981. I was told I was in no trouble and that I could have any post I wanted in any org.

I then went to a meeting wherein I saw the new ED Int talking and when he finished, he and several other Sea Org members armed with wooden swords, marched out. They looked like “goose stepping” Nazis to me and I wanted no part of that so I left staff.

In June 1983, Virginia left the Sea Org to help her father plus raise her children outside the Sea Org. I then met and married Virginia and between us we had five children to raise. We basically spent the next seventeen years raising children and Virginia also did her OT levels up through and onto OT 7. By 1998, she had been on OT 7 for over eight years.

In 1998 Virginia was at Flag for a six-month sec check that is required of OT 7s. She had come across an HCOB - CS Series 73RB - that said if a person is doing well on OT 7, they should not be interrupted with sec checks or anything else. This made the 6-month sec checks for OT 7s out tech, if the OT 7 was doing well on the level. Virginia was doing well on the level according to her and her C/S and so she requested Flag to apply CS Series 73 RB and let her go home. Flag and RTC refused to apply the HCOB, to her or anyone else.

Then I got a telephone call from Virginia telling me that Flag and RTC were refusing to apply an HCOB. At the time, I did not know what RTC was or who David Miscavige is. Now in my mind, no one refuses to apply an LRH HCOB, regardless of post title. So, I backed Virginia on applying KSW to whomever was refusing to apply this HCOB. The details of her effort to get this HCOB followed can be found under "An OT 7’s Story."

Virginia was word cleared and checked out on every related issue on the subject of sec checking and passed every issue with full understanding. None of these other issues conflicted with CS Series 73, in fact they reinforced what it said - no interruptions of people doing well on OT 7, with sec checking or anything else. The Flag Qual Sec was impressed with Virginia’s understanding of all of the issues on sec checking and passed her and said she was right. Virginia then asked “so, why can’t we apply CS Series 73?” The answer was - “we can’t because RTC would pull our license to deliver Scientology if we do not do 6-month sec checks on people on OT 7.”

Virginia had a meeting with 3 other OT 7s wherein they discussed CS Series 73 and they decided the right thing to do was to get KSW applied. The Flag Ethics Officer was not at that meeting but she wrote a Knowledge Report about what happened there. The Flag Ethics Officer had interviewed all 4 OT 7s who were present at the meeting and then she invented a false story that conflicts with what the OT 7s told her. Thus started a black propaganda campaign on us that we opposed sec checking. The truth was they were applying KSW to an HCOB that says no sec checking of people on OT 7 if they are doing well on the level.

A Comm Ev was called and they violated policy in refusing to give us a copy of the Bill of Particulars and copies of the knowledge reports on us. The Comm Ev members wanted to know why we wanted copies and we said there are false reports in them that we need to correct. The Comm Ev members said they did not care about that, at which point we knew this was not a fact finding body, but just some people under orders to find us guilty based on false reports. At that point we refused to participate in the squirrel Comm Ev and asked for a new on-policy Comm Ev to be convened. That never happened.

We then found an earlier version of HCOB CS Series 73RB - it was CS Series 73RA. It was written when LRH was alive and was 12 pages long. CS Series 73RB was written after LRH’s death and was only 5 pages long. So, someone had whacked 7 pages out of an LRH issue. We then knew that a major squirrel was at work altering LRH issues and I started an investigation to find out who it was.

We then started finding lots of LRH issues that had been altered, including LRH books and tapes. We then decided to not participate in any further services because we did not want to be part of a squirrel group.

OSA tried to handle us but I only had one question for OSA - are you going to put the LRH issues back into their original form and Comm Ev the responsible squirrels or not? Their answer was no. At which point we started informing other Scientologists about the alterations to LRH issues and then they expelled us to keep us from alerting others about the squirrels.

That is the background on what this is all about. What follows is even more interesting.

I decided to apply the Data Series and do an Evaluation. I started an investigation into Church history to provide the data for the Evaluation. I had been working day and night on the time track of Church history when I decided to take a break and sleep in one morning. I was sleeping in our guest house and no one else was in the house except me. I was then bounced two feet up in the air by a force that hit me on the left shoulder.
There was a Being in the room that had a spiritual strength that I have never even imagined could exist. It was Ron.

The first thing Ron said was that I had been sleeping long enough. He wanted me to get up and finish the time track I was working on. He was unhappy with the current Church management, especially for altering his issues. He said that we were responsible for handling the Church.

He was doing his part, and his part had a lot more to do with other factors, than the mere goings on of the Church on planet earth. Most of his time and efforts were spent doing that, but this was one cycle he was attending to, it was important, he was in a hurry, and he wanted to see some fast action to get this off-source management handled. He would enlist the help of some others, so we were not alone. He would do this and that to assist us, he would check up from time to time to see how we were doing, but mainly it was going to be up to us to handle this, as he had other matters to attend to.

And so, a new group was founded. It is an On-Source auditor association. I originally called it the Theta Group, but I have now renamed it - HASI.

An internet group was formed to investigate Church history and over 100 people joined. Its name is COSinvestigations. I formed another internet group to analyze the data on the time track of Church history and it is called COSevaluation. I ran these two groups on a policy of truth. The investigation was unbiased - we simply wanted to know the truth, regardless of how gruesome that truth may be. And so, if anyone could show something on the time track was not true, I changed it to reflect the truth.

Our time track showed that since its inception in 1950, Dianetics has been attacked. Thus it has an enemy. This enemy turns out to be the same people who are the source of Nazi mentality. They have a plan for world dominance that did not end with Hitler’s defeat. They continued their Nazi agenda covertly after WW II. They plan to take control of the planet by forming a One World government by 2015. They are the source of wars and other ills and so they have created a 4th dynamic engram.

The CIA was formed right after WW II out of fragments of the Nazi intelligence network. The head of the CIA was an American Nazi - Allen Dulles. Another Nazi Front Group that was formed right after WW II was the World Federation for Mental Health. It is the members of the WFMH who have been attacking Dianetics and Scientology for decades.
The Nazi CIA then used Nazi psychiatrists for its research into mind control - MK Ultra.
Thus the Global Enslavers have developed the technology to turn every human being into a robot by implanting a mind-controlling computer chip in their body, and its being done.

Since the Nazis plan to enslave all of mankind, we have named them Global Enslavers.
Scientology is for making Free Beings and that flies in the teeth of the Global Enslaver plan to enslave all human beings. Thus the Nazi Global Enslavers attack Scientology.

In addition, the US Intelligence community was in a Psychic Warfare arms race with Russia in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Russians were researching using people with psychic powers as a weapon. Psychic Warfare has two main branches - Psychic Spying and Psychic Influencing. Machines were also developed for implanting thoughts into your enemy at a distance, using microwaves. The machines are called psychotronics machines and their waves can also cause illness and death and so they are classified as a biological warfare weapon.

The US intelligence community was way behind Russia in developing Psychic Warfare and to close the Psychic Warfare gap, they infiltrated their agents into AOLA to get their hands on the OT levels. Several of their agents became OTs at AOLA and then they met at Stanford Research Institute and developed Psychic Warfare capabilities for the USA, with CIA funding.

The CIA Scientology OTs at SRI were highly successful at conducting Psychic Spying. They also scientifically proved an OT can effect a magnetic field with his thought. The guidance system for a nuclear weapon is a magnetic field and so they concluded that a Scientology OT might affect the path of a nuclear weapon. This caused an alarm within the US intelligence community because they realized a Scientology OT could spy on the government and might also affect the path of nuclear weapons. Thus they decided that Scientology was a National Security Risk. This gave them another motive for preventing anyone going OT.

Thus a series of events were put into play to take over the Church and sabotage the tech so as to prevent anyone going OT. And, a group of conspirators have done exactly that.

The effort of the Global Enslavers to stop Scientology, has created a 3rd dynamic engram.

The subject of Scientology, the Bridge to freedom, is being intentionally sabotaged.

Our Evaluation found the top Church management guilty of:

Wilful destruction of the group
Wilful destruction of the technology
Wilful destruction of the end product

The Church statistic on producing OTs is zero. The WHY is -


In other words, the subject is not being correctly applied per the original LRH issues.

Ron has given the HASI three responsibilities:

1. Ensure that actual OTs are produced.
2. Handle the 3rd dynamic engram - the Enslaver take over of the Church.
3. Handle the 4th dynamic engram - the Enslaver plan for world dominance.

In order to obtain those 3 products we have created several web sites: is our organization for producing the 3 products stated above - presents the time track of Church history and the Evaluation - exposes the intentional misapplication of LRH tech and corrects it - presents the only On-Source course for handling OT 3 to OT 8 case

One more web site will be added to educate Non-Scientologists on the 4th D engram.

Mike McClaughry is the author and editor for all web sites - unless otherwise noted.


The above is just hitting on some of the highlights up to the take over of the Church.

After the take over of the Church - the story gets even more interesting.

So, who we are is a group of On-Source auditors working directly with Ron to make OTs.

Despite the efforts of the Enslavers to sabotage the Bridge, Ron is still putting it there.

And that is what this is all about.