List of Reforms


  1. The removal of the non-Scientologist attorneys from any management position in the Church of Spiritual Technology or any other Scientology organization.

  2. The removal of the current top management from CST, RTC, CSI, ASI and OSA.

  3. Appointment of new top management that has 3 qualities:

    a. It is on-source.
    b. It is not criminal and will not allow any criminality by any staff member.
    c. It is humanitarian and makes the technology available to all beings.

  4. The cancellation of all non-source issues by RTC and any author other than LRH.

  5. Restore all LRH issues to their original form, exactly as issued by LRH.

  6. Make a copy of the LRH handwritten originals available to all Scientologists.

  7. Abolish the fascist policies of the criminal intelligence unit, such as fair game.

  8. Abolish enforced disconnection.

  9. Abolish the RPF and tend to the human and spiritual needs of staff.

  10. Place all LRH technology into the public domain. (Where it already really is)

  11. Cancel the licensing contracts between CST/RTC and all other Scientology entities.
    Replace these with a recommended list of organizations that are on-source.

  12. CST is to preserve only pure LRH issues for future generations.

  13. Put the Aims and the Creed of the Church into actual practice in orgs and the society.

  14. Raise the tone level of individuals and society and create the product of Free Beings.