Outpoint Count


David Miscavige - 112
Religious Technology Center - 71
Office of Special Affairs - 58
Ron Hubbard - 50
Guardian Office - 37
Church of Spiritual Technology - 17
Ray Mithoff (Senior CS Int) - 15
Pat Broeker - 4
Church of Scientology International - 2

Explanation of Outpoints:

Ron Hubbard outpoints -

False Data - 16
Incorrectly Included Data - 16
Omitted Data - 11
Contrary facts - 4
Altered Importance - 3

Ron told some lies about his background. He also lied when he said he was not getting church money. He also came up with some FALSE SOLUTIONS to attacks on the church from the front groups of the Global Enslavers.

He wrote a policy entitled Fair Game Law, wherein he says that people who are declared by the church HAVE NO RIGHTS. He also said that no Scientologist could be punished for anything they do to a declared person - thus AUTHORIZING CRIMINAL ACTS by Scientologists - he gave them a license to kill.

Any criticism of the church, even if the criticism is correct, subjects the person to Fair Game attacks. The vehicle for application of Fair Game was initially the Guardian’s Office, which was later renamed the Office of Special Affairs, which is directed and commanded by the Religious Technology Center.

The GO and OSA have 4 Bureaus that work together in handling attacks -

Public Relations

Intelligence is supposed to predict and handle all attacks before they happen. When it fails to do that, there is an effort to PR their way out of the attack, if that fails then sue your way out of it, and if that fails buy your way out of the attack.

Legal Bureau files lawsuits to intentionally harass the person and exhaust his funds.

But, the Bureau most responsible for Fair Game actions is Intelligence. Here is where the criminal acts are conceived and carried out. Intelligence bureau employs agents the same as any Intelligence unit does. It also performs black intelligence operations on people, and for these it deserves the same reputation as the CIA, the department of dirty tricks.

Intelligence is supposed to investigate the attacker and find crimes and prosecute to get the person jailed. If it cannot find any actual crimes, it then sets the person up for a crime he did not commit and gets him jailed that way. For example, plant drugs in the person’s house and call the police and have him arrested.

In addition to the policy of getting the attacker jailed, the intelligence bureau has another policy to always cost the attacker his source of income. If he owns a business, destroy it, if he is an employee, get him fired. Black intelligence operations are designed to accomplish this and the technique uses people’s buttons.

The buttons used are Love, Hate and Protect. Find out what the attacker’s boss hates and use that to get him fired. The way to use the protect button is to threaten what the attacker is trying to protect. If he is protecting his marriage, design a black intelligence operation to threaten it. Have one of your female agents pose as a prostitute and she tells the attacker’s wife she slept with her husband. The attacker’s wife then threatens divorce and in order to protect his marriage from being ruined, the attacker stops attacking the church.

Blackmail and all manner of other dirty tricks are performed by church Intelligence operatives. In order to gain secret information on an attacker, illegal means are often resorted to such as breaking and entering to obtain the attacker’s files on the church.

Fair Game actions have included even physical assualts, such as car accidents and beatings and RTC has employed hired thugs for this called the Minutemen.

The Fair Game policy also calls for enforced disconnection. No Scientologist may remain connected to anyone declared by the church. Many divorces have been enforced resulting in children being raised in broken homes. Many jobs have been lost and many friendships have been lost due to enforced disconnection. No communication is allowed.

The dictionary states two of the elements of fascism are “rigid censorship and forcible suppression of opposition.” Hitler used a band of hired thugs called the Brown Shirts to go out and beat up on anyone who criticised or opposed him. Thus he was a fascist.

The practice of Fair Game by the church is the same thing. It attacks any critic as described above and so it is practicing “rigid censorship and forcible suppression of opposition.” Thus practicing the Fair Game policy is practicing fascism. Enforced disconnection disallows church members communication with anyone critical of the church, which is further “rigid censorship.”

Fair Game has also been applied to those who leave the church and start their own group which uses Scientology in whole or in part, sometimes adding in their own ideas to it. These have been attacked in an effort to maintain a monopoly by eliminating competitors.

Fair Game practices and enforced disconnection is a violation of a great many basic tenets of the religion. Thus we have the majority of the other outpoints, such as omitted application of the Creed of the Church, the Aims of Scientology, Axiom 11, etc.

The Creed of the Church states that ALL men have an INALIENABLE right to create their own groups, to communicate freely, to their own religious beliefs and practices, etc.

The Creed says that no agency less than God has the power to set aside these rights overtly or covertly. The Fair Game policy says those declared by the church have no rights. The Fair Game policy cannot do this because it is an agency less than God. The Fair Game policy makes hypocrisy of the Creed of the Church.

Also, people have civil rights under the US Constitution, such as freedom of association, speech, and religion. The policy letter from Ron cannot either morally or legally set aside their civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

On the subject of attacking those who leave the church and start their own group, using Scientology principles in whole or in part, they have every right under the Creed of the Church and the US Constitution to do so. And, if they want to mix their own ideas into it, they have every right to do that too, without any interference from the church.

Attacking people who depart the church and start their own group, is acting the same way psychiatrists act - it is an effort to deny others their civil liberties. The justification for the attacks is it is an effort to make others practice Scientology the right way. Well, that does not hold water for two reasons. That is just a cover story for the real reason.

The first reason it does not hold water is that the church attacks those people who start their own group, who ARE practicing Scientology the same as it is done inside the church. The second reason is, they have a RIGHT, under freedom of religion, to practice it any way they want to.

Enforcing that Scientology be practiced a certain way within the church is ok. But outside the church, they have no right to interfere in other people’s practice of religion.
If people outside the church want to chant a mantra in the middle of an auditing session, they have a RIGHT to do so and the church has nothing to say about it.

The real reason for attacking people who practice Scientology outside of the formal church is monopoly. The church is trying to eliminate competitors.

The effort to silence critics by fascist attacks upon them - is just another denial of people’s civil liberties. Per the Creed of the Church and the Constitution, people have an inalienable right to speak freely. Their utterances about the church are not limited to just being in agreement with it. If they don’t agree with it, they have a right to say so, without being viciously attacked by the church.

Other religions do not attack those who criticize them and they are surviving just fine.

These fascist practices also make hypocrisy out of the Code of a Scientologist -
“to work for freedom of speech in the world.”

They also make hypocrisy out of the Aims of Scientology - a civilization without insanity, criminality and war. These fascist units within the church are themselves criminal, insane and at war. How can you make a world without criminality insanity, and war - when you can’t even make your own organization that way?

If the church is going to make such a world then it needs to lead by example.

The Church must be a reflection of the Aims by first making ITSELF and its leadership “without criminality, insanity and war.”

The other thing wrong with the Fair Game policy is enforced disconnection is a subtle method of mind control. It puts Scientologists into an information prison, whereby they only receive positive information about the church. Thus they reach a wrong conclusion that all is well with the church when all is not well.

Worse yet, heavy ethics penalties were instituted around the same time as Fair Game and people were held in isolation by locking them up in chain lockers, while denying them proper food and rest and putting them through harsh physical labor. This borders on psychiatric brainwashing technology.

All of the above is also omitted application of these basic tenets:

Man can be handled by reason alone - Science of Survival (SOS)

The auditor is not trying to cure anything. He is simply raising tone. - SOS

Thus the WHOLE IDEA of Scientology is raising the tone level of individuals.

The above fascist practices drop the tone level of not only the recipients, but the practitioners of Fair Game as well, for it makes them criminal, insane and at war.

Thus, these fascist policies and practices are not actual Scientology, because actual Scientology has the purpose of raising people on the tone scale. Thus these policies are FALSE Scientology because they only serve to drop people on the tone scale.

Practicing Fair Game and enforced disconnection on people has created a lot more enemies than it ever cured. What critic has improved his attitude by the church costing him his marriage, his job, and ruined his life by setting him up to go to prison?

None have. It makes them worse, because now they hate the church with a passion.

All of the above fascism is FALSE SCIENTOLOGY. It drops tone level.

It is also a FALSE SOLUTION - as shown by Axiom 11.

Per this axiom - Alter-Isness (lies) and Not-Isness (force) cause PERSISTENCE.

Using Alter-Isness or Not-Isness as the solution to unwanted conditions-


Per Axiom 11 - As-Isness is the only solution which can cause vanishment.

If you want to get rid of an unwanted condition - the only solution is As-Isness.

Applying this to critics -

1. If the critic is telling the truth - just acknowledge that is the truth.
2. If the critic is telling a lie - prove it’s a lie. That’s all you need to do.

In 1968 Ron cancelled Fair Game and enforced disconnection.

This was called REFORM CODE.

But, years later Fair Game and enforced disconnection crept back into use.

The practice of Fair Game is destroying the church. The criminal and immmoral acts of church staff who practice Fair Game - provide the ammunition for Black PR and Legal attacks on the church.

For everyone’s survival, including the church, put in permanent REFORM CODE.

TRUE Scientology raises tone and vanishes unwanted conditions using As-Isness.

Fair Game practices drop people down tone, and cause unwanted conditions to persist.

Fair Game practices are a MISAPPLICATION of Scientology. Its FALSE Scientology.

To handle attacks on the Church, don’t use Fair Game - use AS-ISNESS.

In our Evaluation we did on the Church, the WHY we found is:



David Miscavige outpoints -

Incorrectly Included - 51
False Data - 34
Omitted Data - 18
Altered Importance - 5
Altered Sequence - 2
Added Time - 1
Wrong Source - 1

David Miscavige conspired with Pat Broeker and non-Scientologist attorney Sherman Lenske to takeover the church starting in 1980. This is also the year Ron disappeared.
The US intelligence community was in a Psychic Warfare arms race with Russia and so they infiltrated the church with their agents and several of these became OTs. These agents then used their OT abilities to develop Psychic Warfare capabilities for the U.S. This included Psychic Spying and tests also demonstrated an OT could affect a magnetic field with his thought.

This was alarming because the guidance system on a nuclear weapon is a magnetic field. Consequently the US Intelligence community considered Scientology OTs to be a National Security risk because they feared OTs could practice Psychic Warfare on them.
Thus the US Intelligence community had a national security motive to prevent the church from making any OTs.

In addition to the US Intelligence community motive, the Head Global Enslavers also had a motive for preventing the church from making its product of Free Beings because that directly opposes their plans to enslave mankind.

At the same time as the CIA is carrying on its Psychic Warfare research using their agents who had become OTs, the Guardian’s Office was filing FOI suits on the US Intelligence community to get their files on Scientology. Then it was discovered the GO had infiltrated the Federal government with its agents and had been copying government files for years. This was a cause for alarm because of the top secret Psychic Warfare research using Scientology OTs.

The US Intelligence community and Head Global Enslavers needed to stop two things:

1. The Guardian’s Office
2. The Church from making any OTs

In order to prevent the Church from producing its product of Free Beings, the Enslavers and Intelligence community would have to takeover control of the church and run it with their agents in top command.

In 1977 the FBI raided the Guardian’s Office in Los Angeles and walked off with boxloads of the Church Intelligence bureau files. These files proved various crimes. Mary Sue and other top GO execs would be imprisoned for some of these crimes. She made a deal with the government to get Ron out of the charges so that he was only named as an undicted co-conspirator.

However, the files proved a great many crimes in the private sector as well, all of the Intelligence bureau’s daily dirty work of black intelligence operations against critics was coming back to haunt them. About 35 private lawsuits were filed against the Church and LRH. Other Grand Jury proceedings were pending and Ron disappeared in 1980 with Pat and Annie Broeker. His only comm line was via Pat Broeker and David Miscavige.

Ron remained in “hiding” the remainder of his life and what exactly went on can only be speculated. Miscavige and Broeker decided to dismantle the Guardian’s Office shortly after Ron’s disappearance. Miscavige delivered false legal advice to Mary Sue that for her to continue running the church implicated Ron in crimes. The attorney was most likely Sherman Lenske.

Then the Guardian WW was tricked into cooperating with the CMO execs when they manufactured a phoney telex from Ron telling her to stand down. Miscavige has as a cover story that they disbanded the GO because it committed crimes. This is a totally false reason because he continued to operate the Church Intelligence unit - and the criminal activity never stopped. In fact, it got worse when Miscavige started using hired thugs called the Minutemen to physically assualt critics.

With the Guardian’s Office out of the way, a new church structure was organized and wills were manufactured which made the Church of Spiritual Technology the owner of the copyrights. CST would then license use of the copyrights and trademarks to another
new corporation, the Religious Technology Center, which in turn would license all other Church corporations. Thus the stage was set for controlling not only all churches but individual Scientologists as well. Sherman Lenske was the attorney for all of this re-organization and wills.

One of the odd founders of CST was Meade Emory, who was assistant to the IRS commissioner at the time Gerald Wolfe was caught by the FBI infiltrating federal government offices as a GO spy. This led to the raid, which led to disbanding the GO, which led to a new church structure, with CST in control of the Church.

Right after the inception of the new corporate structure, Miscavige engaged in a political purge and removed from post and expelled anyone loyal to LRH. The only people allowed to remain were those who would take his orders over LRH issues. Miscavige also conducted a similar political purge of the Mission network.

The political purge caused certain former high level execs to turn on the Church and expose to federal agencies various crimes they knew about. Perhaps some of these people did not turn but were government agents in the first place.

One crime they exposed was that Miscavige was taking tens of millions of dollars of church funds to Pat Broeker in Las Vegas - supposedly to turn over to LRH. But this money, estimated as high as 200 million, was MISSING from LRH’s estate when he died.

Some of these former execs reported on Miscavige taking millions of dollars of church money to LRH and the IRS opened up a criminal investigation as a result. At the same time, Miscavige placed into secret storage evidence of LRH’s crimes, such as evidence of Ron running the church. This implicated Ron in not only the crime of receiving church money, which he probably never really saw, it was a set up - but more importantly made him a target for all the other lawsuits and criminal charges stemming from the raid.

Thus, Miscavige and co-conspirators had plenty of blackmail material on Ron, to keep him under their control. Lenske and Miscavige told Ron, over his protests, that he was no longer running the Church - they were. Author Services then acted as Ron’s AGENT in all private and public affairs, thus eliminating any need for Ron at all, he could have been literally dead and it would not have mattered. At the same time, although Ron was not sick, Gene Denk was sent to be at Ron’s side full time.

Miscavige told Jesse Prince that Ron was mentally incapacitated. Ron was also reported to be heavily medicated and all manner of drugs existed at the ranch where Ron was staying, including street drugs such as heroin and LSD. The cover story for the existence of these drugs was that Ron was doing research. The servants reported hearing Ron screaming in the middle of the night, every night, to be left alone.

Then, a whole series of Legal losses resulted, because the legal strategy was to get the judge to order LRH to appear for a deposition, and when he failed to appear, an adverse ruling was handed down.

At the beginning of the coup, Miscavige was in charge of Mission All Clear, which was supposed to handle all the legal threats stemming from the FBI raid, to make it safe for LRH to come out of hiding. Miscavige did the total opposite. He conspired to set up circumstances wherein the criminal activities could be used to control Ron through blackmail - resulting in a complete coup of the church by reason of CST ending up with ownership of the copyrights.

In early 1986, the IRS was ready to hand down a criminal indictment on LRH for tax fraud. Miscavige and Broeker were also implicated. Miscavige said the only way to stop it now is if Ron dies. Miscavige then takes Denk gambling in Las Vegas and a strange person by the name of Stephen J. Pfauth shows up at the ranch where Ron is. Ron alledgedly has a stroke and Denk returns to his side.

A new last minute will is signed with a scrawling signature that does not look like Ron’s signature and also a document forbidding an autopsy. Stephen Pfauth is a witness for Ron having signed these documents. These documents which “Ron signed” were done at a time when Ron was mentally incapacitated from a stroke and was also on drugs. The coroner found the psych drug Vistaril in Ron’s blood.

Miscavige, attorney Earl Cooley, and Dr Denk then blocked a coroner investigation into the suspicious death and last minute will, and conducted a quick cremation of Ron’s body. In order to obtain permission to cremate Ron’s body - Dr Denk provided a blood sample which did not contain Vistaril! He must have drawn that blood sample at some earlier date than the death, then, which points to premeditated murder.

Miscavige and Broeker then have an event to inform Scientologists of Ron’s death and they lie and say that Ron causatively dropped his body in order to do more research into the OT levels. Attorney Cooley also lies by telling Scientologists that he saw Ron’s body and there was nothing wrong with it, Ron could have chosen to go on living in that body if he wanted to. They did not tell Scientologists the truth that Ron had died of a stroke (according to Dr Denk) and that the Coroner found Vistaril in Ron’s blood.

Miscavige and Lenske then got rid of Pat Broeker, Ron’s appointed replacement, by blackmailing him. They told Pat that he had signed for millions of dollars of church money but Pat had no proof of turning it over to LRH and therefore it was income for Pat and he had not paid taxes on it. This made him guilty of criminal tax fraud, and they would press charges if Pat did not leave quietly - which he did. This left Miscavige and Lenske in charge.

In an LRH issue called A Story, Ron had predicted all of these events well in advance:

“And at last the man sat down in a desert place and sent his word about that anybody could use this ball that wanted it. And they sent officers and thieves and lawyers at him to say that nobody could use the ball. And they took the man's captain (wife) and said they would imprison him for saying the golden ball was owned by everybody. And they made the government put guards around the man in case anybody sent him money to help ship the golden ball to everyone.”

In 1983, Miscavige was informed by Ron’s personal secretary, Pat Brice, that LRH copyrights had fallen into the public domain. Shortly after that, the Golden Age of Squirreling began. Miscavige ordered the alteration of all LRH issues and so a campaign of alteration, deletion and fabrication was begun.

A cover story was invented that LRH had set up the office of the senior C/S to be the new line for Source issues. This was proclaimed in an off-policy type of issue called Scientology Policy Directives. The issue proclaiming the office of the Senior C/S to now be Source, was written by the Senior C/S himself, Ray Mithoff. The office of the senior C/S is within the Church of Scientology International.

Then, the re-writes of LRH issues were filed with the copyright office and a new copyright was obtained, wherein CSI is the author, not LRH. These new copyrights on LRH issues fall under the legal title of being “based on the works of LRH.”

In effect, this is a copyright scam because once a work falls into the public domain it remains there forever. You cannot get it back. The only thing that they own a copyright on, is CSI’s squirrel changes to the LRH issues - in other words what CSI wrote - but not what LRH wrote. The original LRH issue that fell into the public domain, is still in the public domain.

For example if the original LRH issue that fell into the public domain said this:

I like dogs and cats.

And the CSI re-write says this:

I like dogs and some cats.

The only thing CSI owns a copyright on is the word “some.”

They do not own a copyright on - “I like dogs and cats” which was written by Ron.

Thus, the office of the senior C/S conspired with Miscavige and RTC to alter all LRH issues and then get a new copyright on their altered versions of LRH issues. They then commit felony fraud on the paying Scientology public by pretending to own copyrights that they do not in fact own, and by Miscavige telling the paying public that all LRH tech has been available to them in a “pure, unadulterated form.”

So, after Miscavige learns in 1983 that Ron’s issues had fallen into the public domain - immediately after that in 1984, the IRS criminal investigation for tax fraud begins. Ron is told he no longer controls the church by Miscavige and Lenske, and Dr Denk is sent to be at Ron’s side full time. ASI takes over and acts as Ron’s agent for all of his affairs, public and private.


In Ron’s Journal 1983, he sent a secret coded message to Scientologists to tell them his actual will, not the phoney will constructed and signed for him which gave CST the copyrights. In this issue Ron said I give you the tech, it is my legacy to you. One definition of legacy is “a will.”

After Miscavige blackmailed Broeker into leaving, a phoney tape was produced using an actor with an LRH-like voice, wherein they try to make it appear that Ron supported the new structure of the church, meaning RTC and CST. This tape is entitled Today and Tomorrow The Proof. The fact they had to manufacture a phoney tape to make it appear they had Ron’s support - is PROOF that Ron did not support the new structure!

In addition to not leaving his copyrights to CST, Ron did not leave them any Upper Level OT levels to do. The HCOB entitled Tech Correction Roundup says he only has research notes for OT VIII on up, which he has not written up. He never did write them up for the Church because of the coup. Instead, he released them through Captain Bill Robertson who started an alternative to the church, called Ron’s Org, in the early 1980s.

Miscavige cut a deal with the CIA according to former CIA agent, Miles Copeland. It was part of Ron’s will that CST had to have tax exemption before they became owners of his copyrights. In 1993, the Justice Department ordered the IRS to grant tax exemption. This marked the end of the coup because now CST owned the copyrights. Thus they have control over the Church and every individual Scientologist, because RTC is who decides on eligibility for the OT levels.

Miscavige presented the granting of tax exemption as a major win. He fed Scientologists disinformation by saying the IRS was basic on the chain of attacks and the war is over. In fact, it was a loss because now CST took possession of the copyrights.

The secret agreement between Miscavige and the IRS required that the copyrights be transferred from the estate of LRH to CST by the end of the year and this was done.

The Scientologists fell for the classic Global Enslaver technique, Problem - Reaction - Solution. Thus, they celebrated getting tax exemption and gladly accepted their defeat as if they had just won.

Thus, CST/RTC can now fulfill the wish of the US Intelligence community and the Global Enslavers - to prevent anyone from going OT and becoming a Free Being.

Miscavige has been carrying this out by introducing suppressive high prices and suppressive arbitraries such as each and every Scientologist must be OT 8 before they will release OT 9.

The Church has been turned into a Theta Trap. Scientologists are having a con game run on them. The con consists of CST pretending to own copyrights they do not in fact own. The con includes the Upper Bridge OT levels - because they do not have any to release.

After Ron’s death, Broeker was trying to piece together an OT 8, 9, 10, and 11 from Ron’s research notes. After Broeker was ousted, Ray Mithoff took over these research notes and tried to put something together himself. He wrote up an OT 8 which flopped.

Miscavige also sabotaged OT 7 into unworkability by squirreling the level. One of the ways this is done is by giving those on OT 7 six-month sec checks. These are out tech and the details are contained in another write up. The squirreling is not limited to six-month sec checks.

But, the most destructive part of sabotaging OT 7 is withholding a key piece of tech, that when not known, will make the level endless. It has been over 20 years since the release of OT 7 and no real completions yet, within the church. Outside the church, where Ron released theUpper Bridge OT levels, OT 7 is completed easily with this missing datum known, and people are doing OT levels well above anything the church has now or ever will have.

Miscavige also tries to prevent anyone auditing outside the church, so as to serve the Global Enslaver purpose of preventing anyone becoming a Free Being.

Preventing anyone becoming a Free Being is not the only destruction Miscavige is leveling upon the Church. He has gotten OSA to continue committing lots of immoral and criminal acts in practicing Fair Game against critics.

The Global Enslaver method they have used over and over is:


In running the above technique, their agents control BOTH SIDES.

Miscavige is the Global Enslaver agent INSIDE the Church. He plays the classic role of an agent provocateur by encouraging OSA and hired goons to commit lots of immoral and criminal acts.

In this way he provides the Global Enslaver black PR and Legal agents OUTSIDE the Church with plenty of ammunition to use in their black PR and Legal attacks on the Church.

Miscavige and the agents outside the Church are on the SAME SIDE. They are all agents of the same intelligence agency which has the goal of eventually destroying the Church.

Miscavige gets the Church to commit crimes = CREATE THE PROBLEM

Then black PR agents outside the Church expose the crimes into public view.

The public is shocked and demands something be done = REACTION

Then the Legal agents bring Legal attacks such as lawsuits, raids, arrests, etc.

One day the Legal agents will seek legislation to outlaw Scientology = SOLUTION

This is the SOLUTION the Global Enslavers eventually want - to outlaw Scientology - and they are using their classic technique of PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION to get the public to not only accept that solution, but to demand it and cheer when it happens.

Just like the Scientologists cheered when they got tax exemption - which marked the completion of the coup. They happily accepted it and celebrated their defeat!

Miscavige, through his political purges and using eligibility as an EXTORTION LEVER, gets Scientologists to assist him in his campaign to destroy Scientology. Scientologists fear Miscavige and RTC, because they fear losing eligibility, thus they are PTS.

These PTS Scientologists who assist Miscavige are being DUPE agents of the Global Enslavers, because they are helping him to destroy the Church, its technology, and end product of FREE BEINGS.

Who BENEFITS from Miscavige destroying the Church, its technology, and end product of Free Beings? The Global Enslavers do.

Whenever you act to forward someone’s purpose, you are being their AGENT.

Miscavige is an AGENT of the Global Enslavers.

Miscavige is not a Scientologist. He is MISAPPLYING Scientology on purpose.

The PTS Scientologists who assist him are also being Dupe agents for Enslavers.

Our Eval of the Church found this as the SITUATION and WHY:






You may ask - How come the WHY isn’t the SPs destroying the Church?

See the Data Series PL entitled The Why Is God.

The WHY is never “over there” - it is always in your own backyard. It has to do with what you are doing and it is something under your own control. Because it is under your own control, you can change it, and thereby handle the SITUATION.

The SPs are not who is destroying the Church. The Scientologists are.

By TOLERATING MISAPPLICATION of Scientology by the SP (Miscavige)

By PRACTICING MISAPPLICATION of Scientology by taking the SP’s orders.

If Scientologists would not assist him, Miscavige would stand alone and be powerless.

All the power Miscavige has is being given to him by Scientologists who help him.

So, just stop helping him. You see - that IS under your control!

Practice Scientology correctly. If he tells you otherwise - refuse to do what he said.

And by doing that - the SITUATION will be handled.

The WHOLE IDEA of Scientology is to raise an individual on the tone scale.

If all Scientologists and the Church were ONLY doing that, both inside and outside the church, there would be no meaningful trouble.

No one ever complains about being made happier.

And the black PR and Legal attacks would fall flat, because not being based on any truth, they would have no teeth to them.

DM and RTC power is an illusion.

Their EXTORTION LEVER called eligibility is based on a lie.

They have no Upper Bridge to deliver.

Even if they did, they will never let you have it, because their purpose is the same as the Global Enslavers - to prevent anyone becoming a Free Being.

The Upper Bridge exists outside the church.

De-PTS yourself by ceasing to fear RTC. Take the curve in the road.


Global Enslavers outpoints -

Incorrectly Included - 17
False Data - 12
Omitted Data - 3
Altered Importance - 2
Wrong Target - 2
Contrary Facts - 1

A certain alien race called Markabians has an evil intention of enslaving mankind.

They consider themselves the creator of mankind and therefore they are God to men.

They own Earth and believe they own men too, and therefore have a livestock mentality towards men. The owner of livestock will select out the best stock for breeding or reproduction purposes and will send the remainder of the herd to slaughter.

The owner of livestock will thin the herd from time to time and never allows any livestock to leave the pen.

They are the source of Nazi mentality. The Nazi mentality is the same mentality as the owner of livestock - select out the best stock from the herd and slaughter the rest.

This alien race is planning a mass overt landing on earth in the near future. They intend to alter the human DNA and couple that with super-advanced mind control technology in order to create a new species of man that will be totally subservient to them.

Then Earth will serve as a paradise for them because men will be their slaves.

The mass overt alien landing is called the Second Coming.

In order to prepare for this takeover they have a Front Group on Earth who we call the Head Global Enslavers. The Head Global Enslavers have the task of creating a One-World Government so that there is no military resistance to the alien landing.

Front Groups for the Head Global Enslavers have also been researching and developing mind control technology in preparation for the Second Coming.

The Head Global Enslavers have set up Front Groups on Earth to forward their purpose of enslaving mankind. Nazi Germany was one such Front Group. After Hitler’s defeat they set up new Front Groups to carry forward their Nazi plans - such as the United Nations and the World Federation of Mental Health.

Both of those Nazi Front Groups have the goal of establishing a One-World Government and the WFMH has the additional task of developing mind control technology for individuals and the masses.

The Church of Scientology has the purpose of freeing spiritual beings and this opposes the plans of the Enslavers. Therefore the Head Global Enslavers have had their Front Groups attacking the Church, since its inception. The common denominator of all attacks is Nazi Front Group of the Nazi Head Global Enslavers.

After WW II, the Nazi intelligence files and networks were turned over to the US and used to start the CIA. The American Nazi, Allen Dulles, headed up the CIA. The CIA then used Nazi psychiatrists to conduct mind control experiments.

The CIA was also involved in infiltrating the Church and had their agents do the OT levels. These CIA agents who were now OTs, then conducted research into Psychic Warfare. Psychic spying was developed as well as Psychic Influencing and this eventually evolved into the use of machines - called psychotronics.

The CIA then considered Scientology OTs to be a national security risk because they feared that Scientology OTs could practice Psychic Warfare on them. The Nazi CIA is also a Front Group for the Head Global Enslavers and so they now had two motives for taking over the Church in order to stop the Church from making any Free Beings.

The primary Front Group of the Head Global Enslavers that has been attacking the church is the WFMH and its member organizations such as the AMA and APA.

The evil purpose of enslaving mankind is common to all Front Groups and agents of the Head Global Enslavers.

Since the Church product is Free Beings - the Church had to be stopped from doing this.

David Miscavige has been forwarding their evil purpose and so he is their agent.

He shares the common evil purpose of working towards the enslavement of mankind.