Taking all earlier Estimates of the Situation into account - by now it should be known that the Nazi Head Global Enslavers have the evil purpose of enslaving mankind - and they have developed the means to do it - with electronic mind control technology.

It should also be understood that the Church has been taken over by agents of the Nazi Enslavers to prevent the Church from producing its product - a Free Spiritual Being.


In the new millenium -

CST is busy building an underground CITY in northern California - under the phoney cover story that it is making an underground storage facility for RTC’s squirrel tech.

Why does a storage facility need a spacecraft navigation beacon - a giant constructed symbol that is only visible from high up in the atmosphere - with landing and launch pads nearby?


In 2000 the Church announced they were creating a machine for use in the new Super Power building. The machine is supposed to “enhance perceptions.” What LRH issue authorizes any such machine?

RTC missionaires have also mentioned a connection with aliens. And we are supposed to trust them with this new machine that “enhances perception"? What covert device will be placed in that machine? Yea, while getting “perceptions enhanced" one is at the same time getting IMPLANTED with microwaves that restimulate case. You have got to be nuts to trust these guys.

What about the re-cycling of NOTS case, as in Black NOTS? Who are the Black NOTS auditors who do this? Black NOTs is not just “reverse auditing” - it is practicing Psychic Warfare. WHO does that? The CIA? Aliens?

The era of Psychic Warfare and Psychotronics is upon us.

Just follow the yellow brick road to Flag - where a man behind a curtain with a psychotronics machine will do all kinds of magical things for you.


And in February 2001 - RTC said the following suppressive arbitraries had to be met before they would release the Upper Bridge OT levels:

1. Each and every Scientologist must move up to New OT VIII, Truth Revealed

2. All orgs must reach the size of Old Saint Hill, as this is the final prerequisite needed to release and deliver New OT IX and X.

The above suppressive arbitraries can never be met - so it means it will NEVER happen. Not that it matters anyway, because LRH did not give the taken over Church the Upper Bridge OT levels.


Due to all of the above nonsense, LRH came to us and directed us to establish the HASI. The HASI is simply an on-source auditor association. The existing scene is that auditors inside the Church and outside of the Church are all off-source - so the HASI is the only on-source auditor association in the world.

The Upper Bridge is hereby released through the HASI.

The details of the Upper Bridge will be released at our website -

The Upper Bridge is LRH CSing you and auditing you. The reason is:

It takes a Theta Clear to make a Theta Clear.
It takes an OT to make an OT.
It takes a Free Spiritual Being to make a Free Spiritual Being.

Only LRH has attained those states - no one on Earth has done it.

So, the equation for handling the Upper Bridge case is this -

LRH’s theta plus your theta is greater than the Upper Bridge case.

The existing scene is that LRH has a help flow line extended to mankind. His gift to mankind is spiritual freedom. But an off-source auditor cuts that line by being off-source. Thus, the off-source auditor robs mankind of LRH’s gift. And that is a suppressive act.

So, the only people receiving the Upper Bridge from LRH are HASI members. One of the reasons for this fact is that only an on-source auditor does not cut the help flow line from mankind. So, only an on-source auditor can deliver and receive Ron’s gift.

LRH gave the HASI responsibility for producing 3 products:

1. Ensure that actual OTs are made.
2. Handle the 3rd dynamic engram.
3. Handle the 4th dynamic engram.

The good news is - the HASI is well on the way to producing all 3 products.

The above rounds out the third dynamic engram, so far, in the new millenium. 


The fourth dynamic engram overshadows the third dynamic engram. It is the source of the third dynamic engram - and it is a far worse Situation than the Church problem.

The Situation with the Church is only one tiny piece of the fourth dynamic engram.


The train is heading on down the track - and it ain't the train of freedom.

Signs of the train heading on down the track:

1. The covert enactment of a national state of emergency.

2. The establishment of underground command centers.

3. The US marines conducting urban warfare excercises inside US cities.

4. Development of crowd control weapons.

5. The establishment of more prison camp bases. (Remember Auschwitz?)

6. The European Union making laws that override traditional civil liberty laws of
    European countries.

7. The US President announcing the commencement of the American Union - to be 
    completed by 2005 and with penalities for holdout countries.

8. Use of psychotronics on civilian populations.

9. The US government using the attack on the World Trade Center as an excuse to
    violate civil liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution, thus forwarding the move to
    a total police State.

10. The implanting of the computer chip mind control device into humans:

The news media is reporting more frequently on the installation of the computer chip into human beings. Time magazine did an article entitled “The Chipsons” - about an American family who volunteered to have the computer chip implanted in their bodies. Not all implanting of the mind control device is voluntary - a nurse reported New York hospitals implanting it into babies without the knowledge and consent of the parents. Some companies have emerged who are trying to get people to volunteer for the implant, under various guises. One of the guises is that it helps monitor your health and another is that it’s a good way to track kidnap victims. The thought police State is rapidly approaching with the push for implanting this mind control device into humans.

The Nazi Enslaver time table target for a One World Government - is 2015.


An estimated 5 to 20 million people in Europe demonstrated against the US president. Following that, President Bush announced he was opposed to a One World Government. But, so far, he has taken no action to back up those words. We shall see.

If the US President is sincere about opposing a One World Government, then dismantling the plans for the American Union would be a good start. Outlawing the implanting of the computer chip for humans would be another good step.

The solution to war is this - outlaw any private company or individual making a profit from war. A primary reason for war is that some private parties make huge profits from it, it is their business. If countries made a law that only governments were allowed to manufacture war weapons and that wars had to be financed by the government itself without loans from banks, then wars would become very infrequent, if not extinct.


On the bigger 4th dynamic scene, Ron is the commander of a fleet of Galactic Council spaceships that are enforcing a blockade around Earth. The Marcabians are not allowed to land here. Some Marcabian spaceships tried to run the blockade and a space war resulted. We watched it go on around the area of the Big Dipper for several weeks. In case you think we’re seeing imaginary things - there were other people in the world who captured the fight on video tape and the news media reported on the strange events in space.

Even today, you can see for yourself by looking up into the night sky. The patrol craft can be seen up there, traveling at speeds that no airplane could hope to match.

By the way, no one should get a “holier than thou” attitude towards the Marcabians and their Enslaver Front Groups on Earth. For one thing, all of us were Marcabians once. But more important than that - you are being an Enslaver yourself, to some degree, right here in present time, not just in the past. So, you have a similar overt of your own to confront. It is one of those major cognitions you will have while doing your Upper Bridge.

Our intention towards the Enslavers is to handle their case condition and make them into Free Spiritual Beings, too. And, we are making good progress in that direction. We have handled several key Marcabian players who are now working on our side.



Earth is being prepared for an overt alien landing that will lead to mankind’s complete subservience to the alien race via mind-control technology. They will also alter human DNA to create a new species of man that has the single purpose in life of worshipping and serving them (God).

The overt landing will take place shortly after a One-World Government has been established and is in control so there is no military resistance to the landing and takeover.

This overt alien landing to establish the Kindom of “God” on Earth is called The Second Coming.


Whether you think there is an alien race behind the Nazi Head Global Enslavers or not - the Nazi Head Global Enslavers and their evil purpose to enslave all of humanity with electronic mind control technology - is real. That is a documented fact - not our imagination or an opinion or a belief or a theory.

With the inception of a One World Government -

All of the current progress towards spiritual advancement is an apparency. Because all of that gain will be wiped out by implanting an electronic mind control device into the brain of every human being. At that point all human and spiritual freedoms will end.

The Nazi Head Global Enslavers will then complete the work started by Nazi Germany -

1. The “inferior” races of man will be slaughtered.

2. All that will remain of mankind are those selected for breeding purposes and even they will be reduced to mind controlled robots who will serve as slaves.

- - - - - -

Man is at a crossroads

This electronic mind control technology in the hands of the Enslavers represents the end of any concept of human and spiritual freedom.

Man, we salute you. You are in the role of the gladiator - those who are about to die.

But in this case, your fate is a fate worse than death - the loss of self-determinism.

You have one solution to prevent this impending catastrophe - the price of freedom:

Constant alertness and willingness to fight back

It is not an option. Pay the price now or lose your freedom.

- - - - -


Why Scientology appeared on Earth at this time (window of opportunity)

From LRH tape of 8 December 1952 (PDC 21) - ARC-Cycles: Theory and Automatism

We wouldn't have a ghost of a chance right now unless homo-saps actually had slugged
up from the mud to a point where he had a little leisure time. We happen to be going
through a period when Man has made himself relatively free by the use of the machine -
just after a period when he was terribly enslaved by the machine, the early days of
industrialism, and just before the machine is employed for his utter enslavement.

The reason you've got Scientology is, to a large degree, right here there's a little
breathing period on Earth. The whole nonsense of Thought Police is moving right straight in, the Shades of Night.

We've got a very short time. It is real. It is going to happen here on Earth.


Last Time Around and Black Static Thetans

Scientology was here before, it has the technical term - Last Time Around.

It is a major area of charge to be handled on the case as part of the Upper Bridge.
Scientology failed Last Time Around. The reason was we failed to get in ethics.
Now, you have a second chance to win. But, only if you do something different.
That something different is getting in ethics.

Many Beings were driven out the bottom of the tone scale in LTA. These Beings have the technical term - Black Static Thetans. They went to minus 40 on the tone scale and stayed there ever since.

This is accomplished by practicing reverse Scientology. In other words, our Eval WHY:

Practicing or Tolerating Misapplication


The intention of the Enslaver Team is to drive Beings to minus 40 on the tone scale.
The intention of the Free Beings Team is to move Beings up to plus 40.

Reverse Scientology and False Scientology are being practiced today, just like in LTA.
In a recent session we handled a Black Static Thetan who became one recently. So, LTA no longer has a monopoly on Beings becoming a BST.

The choice is yours - will you become a Free Spiritual Being or a Black Static Thetan?

The answer to that question is whether or not you get in ethics and get On-Source.


Our Solution:

Ron and the HASI are here. The Upper Bridge is available to HASI members.

We are doing our part to handle this scene on Earth and make Free Spiritual Beings.

What are you going to do about it?